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Welcome back to CarDekho where we help you pick the right car right now and
right now it's time to talk about Volkswagen groups India 2.0 strategy without
wasting too much time let's get you all the details in two minutes
let's go number one Skoda is now in charge of the Volkswagen groups India
operations the group has invested 1 billion euros that's 7900 crore rupees
for the strategy number two first things first
Skoda will work on localizing the MQB A0 platform this modular platform can
underpin anything from a premium hatchback to a midsize SUV
what's more localization levels of as high as 90% are being targeted number
three oh yes! this means new cars the first vehicle to
be based on the made in India MQB a zero platform will be a Skoda badged
mid-sized SUV that will have its global debut right here in India a second
vehicle will be launched over the course of the next few years before 2025 number
four there's confirmation that there will be two products from the Volkswagen
stable as well we're guessing this could be the new polo or the new Vento and
possibly the T cross midsize SUV as well number five Oh! before we forget this
exercise we'll look at creating up to 5,000 new jobs in the country the group
will also consider exporting the made in India cars to other markets if you liked
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you haven't already and hit that bell icon
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Skoda India 2.0 Plan | MQB, New Polo, New SUV In India | #In2Mins

611 Folder Collection
蔡小原 published on January 23, 2019
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