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Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence.
Today, we're showing you 10 powerful tricks that can help you to get a girl to like you
And because we don't want you to blow your first impression with some bad PUA strategy,
We're also letting you know the #1 stupidest thing guys try to do to pick up a girl.
So.... here are 10 tricks you can use to get quickly a girl to like you + the 1 pick up
strategy guaranteed to make you look like an idiot
10. Subtly Mirror Her Body Language to Subconsciously Build Familiarity
The problem with mirroring is it's really easy to get caught doing it if you're too
So in order to do it effectively, start small and try this:
Without following too closely, simply try to match her body positioning.
If she crosses her leg, try crossing yours.
If she plays with her hair, adjust yours.
It may seem weird but in reality, you'll be subconsciously winning her over.
9. Get Other People Around You to Like You First
Think about how many people you encounter
on an average night with a woman: Friends, wait staff, and countless others.
What if I told you that every single one of those people could help show a girl you're
good guy?
It's not as crazy as it sounds, because all you have to do to get them to help you
... is treat them with respect and kindness.
Not only is it simply a better way to go about dealing with people,
But their warm reactions and approval of you will be guaranteed to help her like you.
8. Make Comfortable Eye Contact By Focusing on the Space Between Her Eyes
While avoiding eye contact can make you seem shy or even scared,
Too much eye contact can actually be pretty intimidating (for you and for her).
So here's a trick: Instead of trying to look her dead in the
eye, Look at between her eyes and let your less-intense
peripheral vision do the work.
Not only will she not feel like you're uncomfortably staring at her,
But you also won't have to worry about how much eye contact you're giving her.
7. Be the First One To Break Eye Contact...But Don't Do It Too Fast
Since we're on the subject of eye contact, here's a question that comes up a lot:
What if I “accidentally” make eye contact with a woman?
First off, don't pretend you weren't looking.
Instead, leverage your thieving glance to your advantage
and acknowledge her.
Here's how you do it: Hold your friendly eye contact for just a
brief moment...then look away before she does.
Women actually tend to be a lot better than men at this little game but if you do it right...
You immediately go from just a creepy stranger to a guy she might talk to.
6. DON'T Touch Her In a Friendly Way
Now, that does NOT mean giving her sleazy,
uninvited or overly-aggressive touches, But if you want her to see you as not just
a friend, but as potentially something more you've got to differentiate how you touch
her, from how her friends do.
Luckily, you can do that while still respecting her boundaries:
So instead of giving her more high fives, fist bumps or pats on the back,
Just try limiting your contact to lightly touching her arms or shoulders every so often.
5. Dress Well In Clothes That Emphasize Your Shoulders
Just like it's scientifically proven that men are more attracted to a certain hip-to-waist
ratio, women are more attracted to guys with a stronger
shoulder-to-waist ratio Now, I know what you're thinking:
What if I have narrower shoulders?
Well that's OK!
Because there's a trick for that: and that's to find clothes that fit right
and emphasize a more masculine build.
4. Stand Up Straight
Do you want to instantly convey confidence,
and high energy to every woman you meet?
Then standing up straight is an absolute must.
Now, like anything else, don't overdo it by puffing up your chest.
Instead, relax your shoulders, brace your core and hold your chin up.
Even if you're short statured, this is one simple trick that's scientifically
proven to make a better impression with women.
3. Bring Up Something Specific She Said in the Past
It might be the oldest trick in the book, But simply showing her you're listening
is one thing that guys constantly fail to do.
Not sure how to listen any better than you already do?
Here's how: #1. As she's talking, listen and actively ask
relevant follow up questions
#2. And in the days after she told you something she has going on, ask her how it went.
2. Don't Be Overly Available or Obsessive
First off, this does not mean you should just
pretend like you're busy and have a lot going on,
Because if you do, most girls will catch on to your scheme, and forget about you pretty
But one of the biggest ways for a girl to realize how much she likes you,
Is to realize that she misses you and wants to spend more time with you.
And in order for her to do that, you're can't be overly available.
1. Don't Act Like A Highschooler
By far the best, most effective trick to truly
getting a girl to like you to make sure she doesn't detect anything
shady about you.
And the best way to do that, is to be honest and upfront with her.
Because take it from us guys: Women know when something is off.
So do yourself a favor.
Instead of using these tricks to convince a girl to like you,
Use them to really make yourself a decent, confident guy that any woman would want.
As promised, here is the #1 worst way to try to pick up a woman you want to like you
And it's what's known as the “indirect opening.”
This tactic involves lying to a girl about why you're talking to her.
For example, if a guy is at the mall and doesn't have any way to start a conversation with
a girl He might try to open the conversation by asking
for the time, for directions or for a girl's opinion on something he
doesn't actually care about.
Not only would he be lying to a girl he wants to like him right off the bat,
But if he get caught doing it (which is incredibly likely to happen),
It also ruins any chance he might have had with the girl.
Those are the 10 powerful tricks to get a girl to like you and the #1 worst way you
can try to start a conversation with a girl.
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10 Psychological TRICKS to Get Her to Like You - How to INSTANTLY Get Girls to Like You

272 Folder Collection
Julie Yeh published on January 22, 2019
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