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(cheerful pop music)
- So, it is 7:00 am
and we all just got up.

Leah happened to get here early, so
we decided we could leave because
because they said we could leave at 7.
So, we have a nice headstart
on the other team, right now.

We're trying to figure out where the heck
we're supposed to be going here.
- [Driver] And, like,
which highway to get on.

♪ Our love will set us free ♪
♪ Our love will set us free ♪
- So for those of you who don't know
what we are doing,
basically, we are headed

to Arkansas for my birthday.
We will stay there for a day and a half,
so not super long but we decided
to make it interesting
and we got these maps.

And instead of just using Google Maps,
we have to use these road
maps to get to the place.

- I gave them old Atlas
maps I grew up with.

Not even Google Maps or
Mapquest, like, Atlas maps.

- We're just going by like pit stops
that my mom gave us, kinda like clues.
So our first clue was to pick up Kenny.
So we are heading to Oklahoma because
we kinda know where she lives.
- They had to get from here to the Airbnb
and there was, like, three
pit stops along the way.

We decided to design it like
an Amazing Race type of race.

- [Birthday Girl] So I think
we are in the lead now,

we have a 15 minute lead.
- [Girl] Yeah.
- So I'm feeling pretty good.
- My girls are extremely competitive
so I keep getting texts back and fourth
about how they are gonna
beat the other team.

So we'll see who ends up winning today
and if they have a good time.
- [Birthday Girl] Ready?
- [Girl] Welcome... to Oklahoma!
- We're good we just passed
right there into Oklahoma

and we started right around there.
So we are making good time,
and we are headed all the way up there.
So we are about like 20
miles outside of McAlester.

and then once we get
there we get our next clue

from my mom and there's
only like four pit stops

I think she said before I
reach the actual Air B&B.

- No there's
- So I'm super excited.
- There's three.
- Three, and then the Air B&B.
So we are literally pulling into
Corey and Kelly's house right now,
the next car is actually the
one who has to pick up Kenny

but we have to stay here for 10 minutes
because that's what my mom texted us.
So we're gonna get our next
clue and hurry in and eat

a little bit because we
haven't had anything yet.

So we're setting a timer for 10 minutes
and we're ready to go.
So we just got out of
Corey and Kelly's house

we literally went in, grabbed some food.
They had some candy, then we grabbed,
because none of us have eaten anything,
they had a few donuts, where
is the donut box? I'm starving.

They gave us some directions
so we figured out together

where we needed to go.
So our next place is a
Boom-Ring diner in Muskogee,

question mark.
So the good thing is we
mapped it out and it's

on like the same road we were just on
so it's pretty much a straight shot there
but the bad news is we needed gas and
we saw them, like they came
in right as we were leaving.

Our ten minute lead is like going away
as we sit here getting gas.
So it'll be close, we're
just gonna have to wait

and see what happens.
- Fingers crossed.
- Okay so we are in the race with him
and we made it but we're,
okay Preston explain

what happened this morning
and we're a little bit behind.

- We had to get gas,
we were getting snacks,

like the proper parents of the group.
- Yes we were doing a good job.
- Being responsible parents.
- And so, we have our
team, our whole team now.

And we are only ten minutes
behind the other group

and their stopping for
gas so if we go now,

we can catch them.
- We should be good to go.
- So lets go but thank
you Kelly dear, and Corey.

- [Kelly] You're welcome.
- [Preston] Thanks guys.
(upbeat pop music)
- 48 miles.
- To Muskogee.
- Also we've been following
that same truck for a long time.

Okay so, we are heading to a diner
and we just got super close.
Okay it supposed to be like right there.
BoomRing diner, guys we found it.
Okay, so literally we went the wrong way,
and we did a u-turn and on
our way back we saw them

and they went too far, too.
We have to eat here for 30 minutes
and then we can go to our next stop.
We got directions from strangers,
we told the strangers to
not tell the other team.

- So we have to continue on 62.
- The only hard part is gonna be that one.
- Then we have to transition to 49.
- Hello, OK. So we made it to
our second stop, which was the diner.
We had a problem, we couldn't figure
out where the diner was.
- I walked in to a different diner
and asked them where
it was and they told us

but it wasn't where we
were supposed to be.

It's kind of awkward because we were like,
walking in but we weren't eating there,
we were asking where we
could eat somewhere else,

but they were still nice
and they gave us direction

and we found it luckily,
but we found it in time to run into
the other team!
Anyways we were efficient
enough to have Preston grab gas

while we waited for our
food here at the diner.

And they were kind of upset about it
because they thought it was cheating.
But we found out it was not cheating
so we are catching on to them,
and catching up very quickly.

Ooh, this looks good.
- Trust the map
- There's literally six ways
to get to 62, what the heck?

- We're sticking with the maps.
- That guy he gave us
directions and thank you,

and then he swore he wouldn't
give them to the other teams.

- Okay, we're only five
minutes behind them,

and we have two seconds until
it turns 11:16, we can leave.

- We're good. We can go.
- Let's go. Five minutes we can do this.
So we just realized, my mom texted us
said that we're on the
freeway, highway? Freeway.

- We're on the highway.
- So we asked the locals
and they said to go this way

but we didn't realize that
the highway is faster.

We're on a road that'll
take two and half hours

to reach Bentonville and the highway
would've taken two hours and 10 minutes.
So if Bailey got on that highway,
then she'll beat us by 40 minutes.
Crossing out fingers and
hoping that they're behind us.

We thought we were doing
fine, and we were like

we're gonna take this road and then
apparently we are taking a
highway instead of a freeway.

But we're also in the middle
of nowhere with no service now

Mum cannot track us
when we have no service.

As long as we get outta
here we'll be fine.

But you can kinda see a pretty scenery.
It's still red, we're the only ones here.
- And nobody's coming.
- Well there can't be
anybody that's coming.

- We made it.
So we were just kinda randomly turning
and happened to stumble on the
road that we needed to go on.

I was like, no turn left,
and she turned right,

and then it just happened to
be the right, the right way.

- [Girl] We literally
arrived at this Walton's

in Bentonville at the exact same time,
we just ran out of the car.
- [Girl] Well we all are
looking at the museum.

This is all about Wal-Mart's foundation
and how they came to be Wal-Mart.
This is the original office.
Thank this office for Wal-Mart.
- So we're basically tied right now.
But my mom sent a detour so she's doing
two different pit stops for each of us.
So they're gonna go get groceries,
and we're doing something else down
by Huntsville, where
we're passing through.

So now it's really just speed.
Like it's just luck.
- We're on a highway. It's just a tractor.
- And Karlee goes, have
you never seen that before?

- I see that all the time.
- Idaho.
- Look. Wal-Mart. Yes, guys we
might actually pull this out.

We were so close but we
took a different route

and I think we are close.
- I think we cut time ...
- Oh man.
- Takng this route.
- Yes.
(pop music)
- Guys we are just blindly
driving at this point,

we were like I think
we're going way too far.

We were ready to turn around,
or knock on somebody's house.

- We got real nervous.
- We got really nervous like it's
in the middle of some random neighborhood.
I would not expect a highway to come here.
But yeah, okay, I'm excited
now. Think we're doing good.

It's so foggy. Turn your brights
on. Turn your brights on.

- No if it's foggy, you
turn on your fog lights.

- Right there, right?
- Not your brights, I think
it's on the other side.

I saw them when I was driving.
- Guys we literally had 40 warnings
about steepness and
breakchecks, and everything.

So far this is a pretty route,
it's a little bit foggy.

But I think it's still worth the drive.
- So guys we are so proud of ourselves.
There's so many picture spots
here. Photographer mind here.

I'm glad we picked this cabin.
- Wait it's saying South
seventh is that way.

- Then Follow it. I would.
- This part's a little bit hard.
But right now I'm feeling good
I feel like we have a good lead.
We'll see if we can actually
find the right street now.

Yeah, we found it, bro it's literally
on stilts hanging over the cliff.
- Canyon view.
- What? Look at these.
Guys look at how pretty.
We have the best view
on the entire mountain.

It's like more hanging off the
cliff than I thought it was.

But then you have this cute
little walkway up here.

And literally the prettiest
view out of any of these cabins.

And it's foggy right now
but it's still so cute.

And on the inside, we have brownies.
Christmas tree is set up.
Chocolates on every pillow.
The doors are so cute. Little barn door.
Then, the bathroom.
And then, upstairs,
some very steep stairs.

Once you get up here it's a
whole bunkbed area. Its so cute.

- Okay, so we're a little lost.
- Yeah, quite a bit.
- It's foggy and dark.
- It's really foggy and dark outside.
And we cannot find it anywhere.
- And we think the other
team's already there.

- Yeah, and they weren't helping us.
They said we could
figure it out ourselves.

I think we passed it so we had
to turn around but we'll see.

- So we got back last
night and practically

everybody just crashed.
Like lily wen to bed at like nine.
So we woke up this morning and got ready,
and we decided to come
back down the mountain

a little bit to Jasper which is
the town that this all is in.
And it's basically just
like antique heaven,

like everything is basically
like kind of run down.

But it's so cute so we're gonna
walk around try to get some pictures.
Everything is mostly
closed, but we're just

gonna like use the outside
and the streets and stuff.

We all just got our food,
I got chicken tenders.

Some salads, what did you get?
- A burger thingy.
- But yeah, me and
Brooke just took a whole

bunch of pictures and
they turned out awesome.

There's some really cool
stuff back in that room.

So super excited about them.
(pop music)
- Where there's an abandoned EMS truck,
as well as some other stuff.
But we don't really know where we are.
We're just kinda going around the place.
It's so foggy right now
it literally looks like

our house I just floating
in clouds, look at this.

Like it's just nothingness.
And there's a whole
entire canyon down there.

- Like the world ends
just like right there.

- It literally looks like
we're in the end of the world.

So it is like seven
o'clock in the morning.

So we decided to get up super
early clean up the whole place

- This side, too. We had to!
Oh my gosh, I look so hideous.
- We really just kinda rolled out of bed
and are getting on the road.
It's kind of, it's not like icy.
But its cold enough that
we're like, it's gonna rain,

so we're trying to get down and out
as fast as possible before it rains.
This is outside right now.
Literally so foggy, you
guys can barely even see it

but there's a tree right there.
But like this is a huge valley,
and I literally can't see anything.
But yeah we're gonna hit the road.
I think it's like six hours of a drive.
So yeah we're just trying to get home
as soon as possible.
- And we're leaving.
- You know what I should
probably leave the house key.

- That's a good idea.
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16th Birthday Road Trip **No Parents**

157 Folder Collection
published on January 20, 2019
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