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For me,
the most important thing is the story that I'm telling.
Whether it's a scary set piece or a dramatic moment
it all comes down to the characters
and if you care about them.
Aquaman is very powerful,
but what drives him comes from a very human place.
His story resonated with me instantly.
He's not accepted here, not really accepted here.
I definitely can identify with that.
I fell in love with the project and fell in love with Mera.
She's no damsel in distress.
She's the strong, badass, empowered superhero.
With Aquaman, the trick and also part of the fun,
is designing a whole different world that we've never seen before.
You're pretty much just limited by your own imagination.
It's just a whole lot of magic on this project.
Once they put all these things together behind James' vision,
it blows my mind still.
The appeal of it was to step into something else.
You really are invigorated because of it.
You get to experience all these amazing worlds.
We haven't been under the ocean yet, this is our outer space.
I keep going back to that inherent fascination
that we have with the ocean.
And if it turned on you.
Just the sheer vastness and the mystery of it.
There's still a lot we don't know.
I've always known that I wanted to do an action movie.
I get to be a big kid on the playground, and
cause trouble, blow things up.
Your body is constantly working.
You're doing Judo, Jiu Jitsu, fight coreography.
After four and a half months of stunt trainging,
six days a week...
you feel pretty superhuman.
I get to present Aquaman to the world in this really
badass and cool way.
We have never seen this on screen.
And that's the truth.
We get to fall in love with the idea of what it's like
to have these powers and be a kid.
And that's fun for the family, it's fun for everyone.
We want to create something interesting,
we don't want the standard.
James Wan can't do the standard.
Any great superhero story should make you feel that you've
learned something from these characters.
And you yourself have the ability to do good.
And you don't need a cape to be able to do that.
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AQUAMAN – Behind the Scenes – Now Playing In Theaters

236 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on January 15, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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