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I'm Lucas from King Gizzard.
Hey, I'm Cook.
I'm Joe.
Hey I'm Eric.
I'm Michael.
I'm Stu and we're at Amoeba
in Hollywood, and this is What's in My Bag, baby.
I got Guided By Voices 'Alien Lanes'
Lo-fi masters.
I used to cover 'Game of Pricks' in a 3-piece band of mine.
There's nearly 30 tracks on here, all really short
but just snippets of pop genius.
It's almost like a mixtape of lo-fi rock.
Yeah and that's what their stuff is.
It just sounds like they just came up with it and recorded it
and that's it, so unadorned.
There's just something special about a lot of these songs.
First one I picked was this Lee Hazlewood soundtrack
which, as soon as I got off the rack, Amby
already bagged me out 'cause he
said I've already got it and he said it sucks.
I didn't say it sucks.
But yeah, I like a few of the songs on it.
The title track's sick.
It's like a real sort of orchestral
Lee Hazlewood pretty epic.
Yeah, it's a good record.
Now he's got two.
Yeah, now I've got two copies.
I know all the cool kid hipsters are into the African music at the moment but
I assure you, I was there before all of the hipsters.
This is a guy called Hailu Mergia who's Ethiopian
who is, I guess, more famous for his kind of afro soul funk kind of stuff.
All instrumental but all really dope.
This is him kind of mucking around with some Moogs and some synths and some early drum machines
in the early 80s but really interesting.
Ethiopian kind of scales are something I find really bizarre.
and there's some kind of x-factor in it that is
very, very good.
I got a t-shirt, because I stink like shit.
My girlfriend actually introduced me to Yes.
so it's good because she can wear that too.
This is an amazing record, 'Fragile.' One of my favorites
so it was sort of like an easy choice
I listened to a lot of heavy metal, I guess, and then through that
kind of got into bands like tool and sort of progressive stuff like that.
It all kind of comes back to bands like Yes, I think, in a way
even though they weren't hugely metal, they influenced lot of that sort of stuff.
Everything is all related I think.
The Kinks 'Arthur.' Really kooky kind of stuff.
I guess I take a lot of influence from that.
So yeah, another sixties classic. Ray Davies is a genius, such a good songwriter.
And there's a song on it, Australia.
It's easy for us to relate to that song, y'know.
As an Australian, yeah.
I got this Ultimate Spinach
like a 60s band that didn't last too long
I think it's only one of two, maybe three records they put out
I only kind of really know it because of skateboarding videos
First track 'Gilded Lamp of the Cosmos' is awesome
and it's just got some sick artwork
I've been wanting an Ultimate Spinach record for a while.
That song, specifically, was used in a foundation skate video about ten years ago
in the section to one of my favorite sort of styles.
Cate Le Bon. I never really knew much about Cate Le Bon
until we did a tour with White Fence.
Cate was playing guitar with Tim of White Fence.
It was Tim told me that she had her own stuff as well
and I never knew and it's a great record.
She's a really great guitarist and a really lovely person as well.
Listened to this a lot and it's all instrumental.
Incredible contemporary jazz, really cool drumming.
They're really young as well.
Yeah they're like early 20s, just accomplished jazz players.
Yeah the keys player just doesn't stop
I just don't know how people choose those notes so quickly.
The Standells 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White'
Yeah it's just a sweet Nuggets-style garage classic from the sixties. Mid-sixties I guess.
Also another band that had a lot of influence when I was kind of younger.
This is kind of like exactly like what our band we played in sounded like.
Yeah the one before Gizzard.
This is what we sort of pretended to try and be like when we were 16, 17
It was like this fantasy we were trying to live out.
Eric actually found this, but I stole it off him because he doesn't know who the guy is
Herbie Mann. Very cool sleazy looking kind of funk/jazz flautist.
He's got heaps and heaps of records.
I haven't come close to listening to them all, but what I've heard is really good.
I haven't heard this one but it seems really interesting.
Motorhead 'Overkill.' Classic. Rest in peace Lem.
This is with Filthy Phil on the drums.
who sort of trademarked the double kick groove
which I've not yet mastered. I've always wanted to be really good at it but I can't do it.
I've sort of just been listening to this heaps in the van on tour
trying to get that double kick down.
Classic Bo Diddley album which I don't have any Bo Diddley records.
Yeah it's got all the bangers on it.
Yeah it's like the perfect album to put on in the morning when you wake up.
Thought I'd get one for my collection.
I got this for some reason, because the track 'Fistful of Love' I used to be obsessed with.
This is pretty dark lyrical content about a fistful of love
Yeah, I don't know, it's just a good record. I like the cover
and an amazing voice, obviously.
Just got a bit of fresh cut of exotica. Les Baxter.
Kind of 50s and 60s lounge shit. Very cool.
Each song kind of is a white man's interpretation of what
it would be like living on Hawaii or somewhere in Africa or somewhere in Asia.
Anyway it's really dramatic and romantic but real cool.
Well I actually got a whole stack of books
I grabbed Beowulf because it's kind of like a poetic classic and I've never read it.
This is '2001: A Space Odyssey,' the novel. Arthur C. Clarke wrote this who
potentially wrote the screenplay for the film
and the film, as most people would know if they've ever seen it
it's kind of deliberately vague.
It's a beautiful film, it's an amazing film, but this is, I've heard, more in depth
and kind of explains some parts of the story so I've always wanted to read this.
We got a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories
because it's kind of gruesome and dark and I like that sort of thing.
H.P. Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors and it's kind of good to have
all these bundled up together, so there's some sort of
classics of his amongst this book.
Philip K. Dick because you can never have enough Philip K. Dick in your life
I haven't read this one either so that was kind of an easy choice.
I also got this book. This is a collection of satanic stories or literature
set chronologically sort of through time
and I don't believe in god so I don't fear Satan.
You got your Aleister Crowley and your Edgar Allen Poe and your Mark Twain and many others
so it seems like a fun one.
I've got one more that Joey picked out for me
I know nothing about but it's called Lucas, which is my name.
So I don't know, yeah
so that's me.
Two bucks. You're losing money by not getting it.
And that's what's in my bag.
That was fun.
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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - What's In My Bag?

127 Folder Collection
螫巫蠱 published on January 12, 2019
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