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Hey Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV,
the place to be to create a business and life

you love, and today it's time for one of my
favorite segments called:

I love your branding baby.
You know, actually Zach, today's episode has
a little twist because it's more about customer

I love your customer experience baby.
Still works.
In this segment, we highlight a business that's
just doing things right and then we break

down how to apply those smart lessons to whatever
you're working on.

Now today we're talking about an airline company
and before we go on, I have to say that when

it comes to air travel over the course of
my entire career, I've pretty much flown everything

except a spaceship.
I mean I've flown single engine planes,
coach, economy, premium economy, business

class, first class, private jets, helicopters,
you name it.

Now, given all that experience, it takes a
lot to blow me away at this point and yet

JetBlue recently did.
Now, look, no company is perfect.
All of us make mistakes and even JetBlue had
a flight attendant quit by grabbing two beers

off the service cart, activating the planes
emergency chute, and then sliding onto the

Bye bye.
But JetBlue has done something really impressive.
They've taken the top spot in JD Power's,
North American Airlines satisfaction study

for 12 consecutive years.
Now, truth be told, until recently, I hadn't
flown them in a really long time.

In fact, I was flying Virgin America almost
exclusively, but then they recently got sold

so I had to find a new main squeeze.
And so far I am super impressed with JetBlue.
Here are four lessons that really caught my

Lesson number one: create an A+ experience
right out of the gate, or in this case before

the gate.
Here's what I mean.
When I got to the JetBlue terminal at JFK,
something was different.

It felt different.
It was more calm and spacious, and the design
had this uber intentional kind of vibe to

There were a ton of check-in stations, like
more than I'd ever seen, which meant there

was no wait time for me to check myself in.
There were clear directions and clear signage
and more than enough JetBlue employees around

if needed.
Now, I would love you to think about your

So from the very second that someone says
yes to your product or your service, how can

you give them this royal treatment?
You know, you don't need a whole team of flight
attendants, right?

It could be as simple as a series of emails
that welcome your customers and really make

them feel taken care of and appreciated and
already enticed to come back again.

Lesson number two is: use your customer's

Okay, so this next part so impressed me.
So as I approached the gate, I knew I needed
to get some work done before hopping on that

flight and I was bracing to try and find one
of those like long vertical outlet hubs where

there's 30 people clustered around trying
to plug their stuff in.

So to my very pleasant surprise, I found rows
and rows and rows of these comfortable, cute

little workstations all with their own outlets
and a huge sign above it that said, “The

Juice Bar,” I mean, seriously.
How many times have you said to yourself,
“Oh crap, I ran out of juice on my phone,”

or “My computer has zero juice.
I need to go find a plug.”
So when JetBlue says Juice Bar, they are speaking
my language and it's a very smart play on

words that lets me know, “hey, they get

And I gotta tell you this, every single customer
wants to feel like you as a business owner

just get them.
Now, another quick example, when I saw the
help desk, right?

Instead of saying something formal like “information
desk,” the sign said, “just ask.”

So not only is the latter more friendly and
inviting, but it implies that my question

is welcome and not stupid.
So the bottom line is this: using your customer's
language is key if you want to create more

sales and raving fans, and in the words of
this tweetable, “your customer's language

is the jet fuel to make your business take

Now, if you'd like some help in this, I want
you to go check out

It's our writing program that shows you step
by step how to find the exact words that your

customers most want to hear.
Lesson number three is: details matter, so
go the extra mile.

So wherever you are on the plane, JetBlue
has really given thought to the details and

I love this.
So for example, free wifi, and I know it sounds
silly, but so many damn flights that I've

taken make me pay this extra 25 or 30 bucks
just to get work done when I've already paid

a sh*t ton of money to fly.
So free wifi for the entire plane, I got to
say that's a nice perk when we're all so used

to being nickel and dimed.
Next I got to talk about snacks.
So on longer flights they have this self-service
snack situation in the economy cabin which

is so humane and I have to tell you that in
Mint, which is their business class that I

fly because I mean business, Brett, my fantastic
super cool flight attendant brought me this

refreshing lime mint spritzer.
I was so impressed with that beverage branding
– flying in Mint class and getting a mint

Nicely done.
And last but not least, Brett also call me
by my first name, Marie instead of Ms. Forleo.

Now, of course he could have called me Forleo
and I would've been down for that, but who

doesn't want to hear their first name?
And he kept calling me by my first name throughout
the entire flight.

It was kind, it was friendly, and it gave
me the sense that he actually cared about

So what I want you to do is think about all
the little details in your business: where

and how can you go the extra mile for your

What can you do to make people just feel that
things are more personable and thoughtful?

Finally, lesson number four: have your customer's

So here's what I mean.
That great customer experience continued even
after I landed.

So I had to call up JetBlue to change my returning

Now, the first good thing, they did not leave
me on hold listening to crappy music for like

17 hours.
Instead, they gave me the option to be called

They looked out for me by saving me time,
my most valuable resource.

Now, second, once I did get on the phone with
a rep, she actually told me how I could save

the most money for my flight change.
Once again having my back, because saving
money is like making money, and you know when

you're trying to change a flight, you often
have to play this weird, not helpful guessing

Welcome everyone.
It's time to...
Guess your flight.
Is there anything on the 4:00.
Try again.
Maybe any seat on something before 2:00 AM.
Oh, there is, but that will cost you a $2,000
change fee.

Thank you for playing.
And look, party people.
All of these simple lessons illustrate values
of respect and caring and creativity, which

you would think are a given in business these
days, but sadly they're not.

That's why you should take these smart lessons
and use them to give yourself a major edge

in business.
We at Team Forleo know you have a choice in
your education and entertainment and we want

to thank you once again for choosing MarieTV.
Now we would love to hear from you.
So we've got a two-parter today.
Which of these lessons, if implemented, could
make your business fly high in terms of customer

And number two, tell us about a great customer
experience you had because I'm sure we can

all learn from it.
Leave a comment below and let us know.
As always the best conversations happen at
the wonderful land of

So go there and leave a comment now and once
you're there, be sure to subscribe to our

email list and become an MF Insider.
You'll get instant access to a powerful audio
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and you'll get some exclusive content, special
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me that I don't share anywhere else.
Stay on your game and keep going for your
dreams because the world needs that very special

gift that only you have.
Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch
you next time on MarieTV.

B-School is coming up.
Want in?
For more Info and free training, go to
I love your experience...
oh my god.
Free wifi, free wifi, free wifi.
They have self-serve snack situation.
I kind of liked that.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Oh, exciting.
I am a magical.
I'm a magical wonderland.
F*ck y'all.
I can't even, okay wait.
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