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  • Very very strange umbrellas

  • Oh dear

  • Excuse me, boys

  • Can someone get the clothes from the line.

  • Doraemon

  • It's your turn this time, Noby

  • Come on but I bought you yummy buns yesterday, remember?

  • Umm, if I really have to....

  • (Is anybody going to help me ?)

  • Coming

  • That's the phone. You finish the rest for me okay?

  • Okay

  • All right, coming.

  • Hello, Noby residence. Is that you,dear?

  • Okay, I got it.

  • Noby, your dad forgot to take you umbrella with him.

  • Can you go to the station to meet him?

  • What?

  • Come on, get up. You need to hurry. Your dad is waiting.

  • Hey, Doraemon

  • Hey, Doraemon.

  • Sorry, I'm busy helping mom now.

  • Guess you're going to the station.

  • Ohhow annoying that's just like dad to forget his umbrella.

  • He should just keep a folding one with him.

  • Hey, sue what's wrong?

  • Oh hi Noby. I got caught in the rain storm.

  • Well then here you can use my umbrella.

  • Un, I can't take that.

  • Are you picking someone up?

  • Oh it's alright. We can manage with one umbrella.

  • Don't worry.

  • Thank you.

  • Noby

  • It's Sneech, Big G.

  • I need to borrow an umbrella.

  • Umbrella

  • I..I can't. It's the only umbrella that I've got.

  • Now, all out. Are you tring to say that you'll lend one to sue but not to me. Noby!

  • Thanks Noby.

  • Hey, come on share with me. I'm getting away.

  • Stop complaining. I am work for borrowing it not you.

  • Don't be cruel. Big G.

  • No

  • What? He hasn't arrived. But he has been gone for a while already.

  • Doraemon

  • Apprently, Noby never got to the station.

  • Can you go check on him?

  • Sure, no problem

  • see you later

  • Aha, find out umbrella.

  • Okay then. Where is Noby?

  • Oh, this way. Okay

  • Now it is raining.

  • My dad is waiting for me. I have no umbrella.

  • I could feel .....

  • Hey Noby

  • It's Doraemon.

  • -It was Big G. He took it from me, Doraemon. He stole it. He took my umbrella. -I should know that something like this would happen?

  • You really took your time.

  • Sorry, there was a problem.

  • Okay,well. I still kind of need my umbrella.

  • Umbrella?

  • I have all sorts of umbrella here.

  • There

  • It's kind of flashy, don't you think?

  • For celebrations.

  • It's great ,isn't it?

  • Ya,I can't see where I'm going?

  • Man,so good point. How about this one?

Very very strange umbrellas

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B1 US umbrella station sue strange flashy waiting

Doraemon: Very, very strange umbrella

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    CASSIE posted on 2019/01/07
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