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My name is Anthony Maddaloni. I'm a professional photographer from Austin, Texas. I'm going
to talk about the bellows on a 4x5 view camera, right now. These little accordion type, looking
things are called the bellows. O.k. On all large format cameras, have bellows. They are
an essential function of a large format camera. When you are buying a large format camera,
you are in the market for one. The first thing I look at, is the bellows on the camera. The
bellows on this particular camera are in perfect condition. Something, I really don't see too
much. But with this camera, someone who had it before me. Took great care of it. There
are no holes in the corners of these bellows. If there were holes, it would be a real problem
to use this camera. Because the holes would get into the camera. And thus, light would
leak in and cause light leaks on my image. Or maybe even, possibly fog my whole negative
image, in the back. So whenever I look at camera, I'm looking of wholes in those bellows.
Now some cameras that I have, that I've bought have little tiny holes in them. Which is really,
a repairable thing. I get some Gaffer tape and I just sort of, tape them up. It's not
ideal but it can work. So it's not such a problem. The other thing, what the bellows
really do. Is they work as how your image, gets to be focused. And that's a pretty interesting
thing. Certain cameras have different bellows extensions too. When I'm using a very wide
angle lens, I might use a bad bellows. If I'm using a lens for closeup photography,
I'm going to need a bellows, that extends out really far. So those are the functions
of the bellows, on a 4x5 camera.
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How to Use a Large Format 4x5 Camera : Large Format 4 x 5 Camera Parts: Bellows

1556 Folder Collection
Chihyu Lin published on October 15, 2013
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