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Hey, babe, I picked up some pizzas for our date night you know I've been waiting for so long
Babe ?
Oh my God. Lilly you're home early. What are you doing? Nothing, nothing...
I was.. I was.. I was flipping through the channels! You are so gross! I cannot believe you. I wasn't watching it!
I see the boobs Nick. No. No those are like there's like jellyfish or something. This is Discovery Channel
I am so sick of you lying. You are so disloyal. I was just watching okay
It's not like I was cheating on you. Honestly. You might as well have you know I don't get it
You knew I was coming over
I've resisted the urge and waited through all of your travels to make tonight special and you couldn't just wait for me to come over?!
I was desperate okay, and you're always tired and you fall asleep before anything happens. Oh, so now
It's my fault because I work too hard. No like it's just not as fun when you're tired. Oh, and you're perfect?!
Yeah, you know what you talk too much. Yeah when things start heating up, you won't shut up! That's not true. Okay?
I had very necessary commentary that makes everything better. You cry. I'm emotionally attacked. I can't do this anymore. Baby, listen
I'm sorry. No. No my friends are right about you. I thought we had something special.
We do! We do.
And I don't want to do this with anybody else.
You promise? I promise.
I will never watch another episode of Game of Thrones without you. I love you.
Love you, too
All right here we go
Mmm see I don't trust this Sansa
Well, she's engaged my brother, I think she's okay
Ok, she also wanted to marry Joffrey just saying.
Ohh shh, this part's important.
Okay, here's my theory. I think be way too predictable to have Cersei just be bad the whole time alright
I think that
In some crazy turn of events we're gonna go all you know what I actually feel bad for her I feel compassion now
I want her to win a game of Thrones. She deserved it all along... Lilly?
Oh stop talking
Who me just living out everybody's fantasies right now shout out to Nick for being in this video all of his links are in the
description make sure to follow him my last collab of Christmas is right over there second vlog channel
And you'll make sure you subscribe because I got lots of them surprise collabs coming for Christmas
One love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop
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When You Catch Your Boyfriend (ft. Nick Jonas)

810 Folder Collection
Steven published on January 1, 2019
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