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  • (jazz music)

  • - New York's a tough city to live in.

  • It always has been.

  • Wait, see if we can hear them.

  • The old saying "If you can make it here,

  • "you can make it anywhere."

  • I think because the birds have made it here.

  • I mean, they've endured this far.

  • (birds calling)

  • My name is Steve Baldwin,

  • and I've been tracking the wild parrots of Brooklyn

  • for about 10 years now.

  • Those two look sort of frisky.

  • It's not really their mating season, but.

  • Myiopsitta monachus.

  • (birds screeching)

  • The monk parakeet.

  • Native to Argentina.

  • And as far as we know,

  • something happened at Kennedy Airport in 1967

  • or 1968.

  • It appears that a crate full of parrots

  • arrived from Argentina.

  • Something went wrong, a bunch of them escaped.

  • They came to Brooklyn College, right here.

  • We've got an incredible cast of parrots here today.

  • One, two, three, four.

  • They're smaller than a pigeon, but larger than a sparrow.

  • They're the only kind of parrots

  • that build these free-standing structures.

  • These nests can get up to the size of small cars.

  • It's methodical work, it's twig after twig after twig.

  • Parrots are sort of the primates of the bird world.

  • They're smart; they're communicative;

  • they eat almost anything that's available to them.

  • So they're perfectly set up, really,

  • to thrive in a place like Brooklyn,

  • even though it's not where they came from.

  • They've adapted extremely well.

  • You have to, I think, have a certain fiber of steel

  • to make it in this town,

  • and I think the parrots have those qualities.

  • (upbeat music) (parrots twittering)

(jazz music)

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