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What's up guys?
Coach Madden, official trainer, YouGoProBaseball.com
and today we've got 3 things that you should

never do when hitting or 3 things that your
coaches, I hear a lot of coaches say, that

are not true.
I've got Coach Nick Shaw here.
He played with the Brewers organization last

He was a lead off hitter, a great hitter.
He also runs a travel team, the St. Pete Stingers,
and they're starting an 11u team this year

so if you're an 11u player in the St. Pete
area or surrounding area, please check him

out at thebattersbox.co on Instagram or his
website thebattersbox.co.

Now, at the youth level, I understand that
a lot of you coaches are volunteers and maybe

haven't played that much baseball or have
gone that far or are that knowledgable, you're

just helping out and are doing what you can
and we appreciate that and we appreciate all

the help and support that you bring to this
sport, but these 3 things, if you're doing

them, please stop, because they're not right.
The first thing that I always see is squish
the bug.

Coaches say squish the bug, turn the hips,
squish the bug, hips, hips, hips, turn the

What do you think about that?
How does it really work and what are you supposed
to being doing?

So, they're telling them to squish the bug,
which then opens this hip up, opens the shoulder

up, and everything flies this way.
Instead of staying inside the ball and trying
to drive everything to the middle of the field.

Like I referenced earlier Bryce Harper and
Mike Trout, if you watch them in videos, great

hitters, they're coming through like this
on the toe, Bryce Harper is in the air, Mike

Trout is dragging the the back foot.
So please drive this back leg with your hands,
instead of rotating around the ball.

The second thing that I always hear too is
coaches saying swing down on that ball or

even have a level swing.
How actually should the swing be?
So the whole swinging down thing I believe
is what they thought when they were talking

about the knob starts down to the ball and
then the bat comes, however they translate

it different and actually think that kids
should actually be swinging down or otherwise

swinging up or whatever they're teaching.
It should be behind the baseball, behind the
baseball as long as you can.

It's not going to be a completely level swing
because the ball isn't coming at a completely

level plane.
So we should be behind the ball and in the
path of the ball as long as we can.

That's a great one and the 3rd thing that
I always hear is get your elbow up.

Get that elbow up, get that elbow up little
Johnny, get that elbow up.

But how does this really work?
So the elbow up thing is very common in little
league as you said.

The first thing that happens is again, the
bat starts to drop and we're tight as you

can see we come around the ball.
The first action for your back elbow is to
get into the slot here so the further we get

cranked up here the further we have to go
to get in the slot and you see what happens

to the barrel of the bat when we do.
So keep it tight here, right into the slot.
I don't know about you but I see a lot of
big league guys but when they are up there

they kind of bring those elbows together almost
like when they're getting ready kind of staying

nice and tight.
You do see a lot of guys getting up there
pretty high but you can see when they get

that load and the elbow comes back, they're
still a lot tighter and not up and back this

Those are great points there.
I really appreciate it.
Again, if you're an 11u player in the St.
Pete area you want to check out the Stingers.

Coach Nick is going to be coaching this year
and don't forget to go check out his website

thebattersbox.co also his instagram @thebattersbox.co
he's got some great stuff over there and if

you haven't already, please hit that subscribe
button, click my logo right here, then click

the subscribe button.
Go check out my most recent video over here.
Leave Coach Nick and I a comment below and
let us know which of these 3 things you've

heard before, which ones you do or don't do,
and name some other ones.

I know there's some other ones put them down
there I want to hear them.

We'll talk to you guys down there.
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3 Things You Should NEVER Do When Hitting! - Baseball Hitting Tips

397 Folder Collection
a7622256 published on December 29, 2018
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