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Other than uncle Ben, in New York, if you
could make it there, you could make it anywhere.

The same rules apply for the animals in this

In the beginning, there's a box for free
pets and this scene sets the tone showing

that, more than anything, most of the cats,
dogs, etc. want to be owned by a human.

The film's about these group of animals
who have a secret life when their owners aren't

They date, mate and converse when humans leave
the room.

The main dog in the movie is a white and brown
Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell Terrier has a lot of leadership
intangibles and all the other pets look up

to him.
There's a scene when the dogs are getting
walked and the other canines follow him like

a twitter page up and down the city streets
and you could tell he's a natural born leader

One day, the main character gets adopted by
a girl and judging from the montage, he really

really loves the chick and she loves him too
or whatever.

Love is really just a secondhand emotion when
you think about it and so is hate.

The owner adopts the new pet and introduces
him to her old pet, the old pet hates the

hell out of the new one and is super pissed
they have to be roommates now.

The jealous dog wishes the new pet would disappear
and it's like Goosebumps used to say, Be

Careful What You Wish For.
The new pet gets kidnapped and that sucks

It's a matter of life and death because
the streets of New York is no place for a

pet and this pet in particular has no street
savoir faire whatsoever.

It's a good thing the dog he shared the
bed with teaches him how to survive, because

on his own, he wouldn't know how to survive
on the streets if his house was on one.

Theres a part where he's about to get into
a fight by some stray animals and instead

of being about that life, he runs for his
life instead.

While out on the street, the pet makes friends
with some ghetto animals.

These animals hates humans more than Thor's
brother and hate the main pet in the movie

because he has an owner.
Me personally, I don't trust liars because
they lie.

So I thought it was a bad idea to make friends
with the thuggish animals.

They go around impersonating humans all day
which is dishonest as hell.

And there's another dishonest scene with
them when one of them chills in the middle

of the road, waits for a car to stop and when
the guy checks on 'em, boyaka they commence

to start the carjacking.
Bad habits rub off on others like bubble gum

The Jack Russell Terrier dog is a liar too.
There's an underground society of animals
and when the Jack Russell Terrier gets in front

of them, he starts lying to them like a baby
momma on Maury so pretty much the good guys

and bad guys can't be trusted in the movie.
While the creatures are on the street it seems
dangerous as hell because of all the safety

hazards they pass through to get from point
a to the b point. It is dangerous, but the

good news is the man's best friend finds
a best friend during the dangerous scenes.

The two animals become homeboys after they
steal some hot dogs.

Later on, the leader of the gang of animals
draws a master plan that looks like a two

and a half year old created.
He's the only one that knows what it says,
but to summarize, it involves capturing the

missing pet.
Then another character gets kidnapped and
the pets and strays have to join forces for

a rescue mission.
The rich, affluent white dog leaves her house
to go and find the missing pet that was kidnapped.

It's a good thing she came because when
the good guys are about to get beat down,

she lays a smack down on the bad animals.
Fast forward to the end and they are involved
in a high speed chase.

The smallest animal hops in the driver's seat and could
barely see over the steering wheel, but manages

to drive the vehicle all the way to the Brooklyn

The animals cause a wreck and then Boom!
the vehicle falls into the water and

even though all dogs go to heaven, luckily
none of them are hurt and live to see another

Those are 24 reasons these movies are the

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24 Reasons Oliver & Company & The Secret Life of Pets Are The Same Movie

140 Folder Collection
阿明 published on December 28, 2018
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