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hello again and welcome to dr. noobs laboratory today I'm going to show you
how to get the most out of your card
drops and steam now prior to yesterday I

only had one page of cards and as you
can see I have almost three pages full

of cards now what I ended up doing is
trying a program that I read about and

I'm going to show you what I did today
to get more cards pretty much the

digital cards can be sold on the steam
marketplace you can also use them for

trading you can use them to get gems you
can also level up your profile as well

and so the first thing you're going to
want to do is download idle master it's

a zip file and you just unzip all these
files into a folder and once you've done

that go into your idle master folder
and click on the idle master exe now it

is going to check a couple things first
of all and make sure that your Steam is

running and it also makes sure that
you're signed in on their side as well

so right now I'm actually going to sign
out just so I can show you the sign-in

process I'm going to go and click sign
in and while I'm doing this I should

mention that right now this is perfectly
legit as far as steam and valves Terms

of Service goes that may change in the
future so just keep an eye out or reread

the Terms of Service or parts of it or
feel free to post if you find out that

it's not allowed anymore
so now that I've logged into the account
and steam is also running what it's

doing is it can check to see how many
card drops are left for the games that

you own and now you can do this on your
own but you would have to literally

click into each game individually and
let it run for a little bit just to see

if you get a card drop this program
pretty much does it automatically for

you as you can see it it has next check
in five minutes I find that it works

best just waiting about 30 to 40 seconds
and then clicking onto the next game to

see if it actually gives you a card drop
for instance Resident Evil Revelations

actually has three cards left so there's
a more of a chance of me getting a card

drop. And it's just a matter of clicking through
and waiting a little bit just to see if

you get one you can also leave the room
if you just want cards from a particular

game get on to that game and then leave
the room for however length of time you

want so this is just a really good
program if you have a lot of games and

you haven't gotten a lot of cards for
those games

and this is a fun mode this is current
in game you can actually run multiples

as well and that's how you can take
advantage of getting all as many of your

cards as you possibly can
with the idle master for steam if you

have any questions comments or concerns
please feel free to post them below I'll

try to answer them the best I can if you
like this video please feel free to like

subscribe and share until next time have
a great one

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Getting Your Steam Cards Faster

73 Folder Collection
wei published on December 27, 2018
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