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-You just went to Africa, is that right?
-That's right, yeah.
We had a little vacation with my boys.
-And so, how long is it -- Did you start somewhere,
or you just went right to Africa?
-Well, I started here.
-No -- Yeah. [ Laughter ]
I'm sorry, were you coming from a different location?
-Oh, I was in Prague, and then I went to London...
-Yeah, see, this is what I'm talking about.
-Okay, sorry. I was being a wise guy.
And, yeah.
And then you get to Nairobi.
-Okay! -Oh, and then...
-Naomi in Nairobi. It's so cool.
[ Laughter ]
Could be an album. I'm just saying, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
But you brought the kids?
-Brought the boys.
And then, you wake up.
I stayed at this place called The Giraffe Manor,
and you wake up and you're just having your breakfast,
and suddenly giraffes are poking their heads through the window.
-This is insane, 'cause this is your son Sasha, right?
Yeah, that's the breakfast room. [ Audience aww's ]
-And this is how giraffes are in the wild.
They go door to door and the trick or treat.
[ Laughter ]
-Yes, like that. -They trick or treat
for their food, yeah.
I just saw this on "National Geographic."
You're staying at a great place! -Yeah.
-How cool is that? -I know.
It was pretty cool. And it gets to a point where
it's completely normal,
like you just carry on with your breakfast,
and next thing you know...
-You see beautiful giraffes around you?
-Yeah, they're just everywhere.
-One giraffe really loved you.
-Yeah. -Here's a picture I have.
Look at this guy. -We were on good terms.
[ Laughter ]
-He went for it right there. Oh, my God.
-We were necking. -Yeah, you were necking.
Oh, my gosh. He went for it right there.
Yeah. -Um, yeah.
-How's our pal Nicole Kidman?
How's she doing? -Oh. [ Laughs ]
[ Laughter ]
Your ex-crush, right? -Yeah.
-I mean, I know. [ Cheers and applause ]
I've heard!
-We wouldn't have even -- I'm a loser.
She makes the story much nicer than it is.
-Well, she said some nice things about you.
I know you guys are all happily married
and everything now, so I don't want to say anything.
-Would've did nothing, nada, no.
-Yeah, she is officially off the market.
-Yeah, I know she is. Yeah, she's happily married.
Me too, yeah. -You should've talked to me.
I could've been your wing man at the time.
-Really? I mean, I knew you were pals,
but I didn't know you were like best buds.
-Oh, yeah. No, we've been friends for
a really, really long time, like decades.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-I didn't know anyways. But anyways, tell her I said hi.
-I will. [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, I heard your date was -- It didn't go so well.
-I don't even remember. Yeah, yeah.
-And don't worry, we can get off that subject.
-Here's a picture of you guys.
-Yeah. -You posted this.
[ Audience aww's ] Now, what was this?
You guys had a party?
-Yes, we did. That was a little celebration
for her birthday and all of the Emmys,
that she just got nominated for "Big Little Lies."
-She crushed in it. How great is she?
-So crushed it. -She's so good.
She's great. [ Cheers and applause ]
I didn't get my invite.
I just checked my inbox, and I didn't get it.
-I'm so sorry! -It's no big deal.
-Well, mostly it was girls.
-I mean, I'm fine. -You're good with that?
-I love girls, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
I'd be fantastic at a party.
But what do you guys end up doing?
Do you end up, like, dancing the night away?
-Well, we start off.
And we had, like, just a elegant dinner
for 10, 12 girls,
and there was another girl who also was having her birthday
and who also was nominated for lots of Emmys...
And we were in a just intimate setting
and everyone knows each other well
and we trust each other.
And then next thing you know,
like, there's some music involved
and we did some dancing. [ Light laughter ]
And, yeah.
-What type of dancing does Nicole do?
I've never seen Nicole dance.
[ Laughter ]
-She's a good dancer. -She is a good dancer, right?
-She can tear it up. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
-Yeah, we were dancing. -Me, too.
-And Kylie Minogue, also. -Kylie Minogue?
-Yeah. -She's an old buddy of mine too.
-Is she? [ Laughter ]
She can really dance. -Known her for decades.
Oh, she's Kylie Minogue! -She's a rock star.
-Yeah, exactly. She's the best.
Well, she could get behind the piano and start playing
some jams. -Yeah.
-Well, tell those girls I said hi.
-I will. I will. [ Laughter ]
I'll say hi.
-Give 'em my best. And the next time you have
a girl party, I can stop by. -Yeah.
Well, boys were invited later on.
-I could do some stand-up and whatever.
-Yeah. You can do party tricks, yeah.
-Yeah, exactly. Come as the clown, exactly.
[ Laughter ]
-Hey, you're fantastic in this movie.
You're fantastic in every movie, but "The Glass Castle" --
This is a true story. -Yeah.
And it's a mind-blowing story, actually.
And I mean, what drew you to it? Just the book?
Did you read the book? -Yeah, the memoir.
Jeannette Walls, she has this incredible way
of telling the story.
It was seven years on
the "New York Times" Bestseller list.
-How do you explain it? It's just...
-An unconventional family life growing up.
She -- They didn't have money.
Her dad was an alcoholic, and her mom was a, you know, artist
and they were trying their best and having to move a lot
because of money and stuff like that.
So, but Jeannette, she has a powerful story
because it's a story of hope.
And she embraces herself.
She was living kind of this lie for a long time
where she didn't feel like she was her most authentic self.
And then finally, she was able to embrace who she was
and tell the story. -And everyone's great in it.
You, Woody Harrelson, Brie Larson, who we love,
was just on the show. -Yes, yes.
-It's fantastic. Go check this out.
I want to show a clip. Here's Naomi Watts
and Brie Larson in "The Glass Castle."
Take a look at this.
-So, your dad said he saw you pass by in a cab
the other night,
acted like we weren't even there.
You shouldn't be ashamed of us
just 'cause we choose a different lifestyle than you.
-Being homeless in New York City
does not count as a lifestyle choice.
-Well, if we heard from you more,
you'd know that we found a lovely place
on the Lower East Side.
-Lori says you're squatting in an abandoned building.
That does not sound safe, Mom.
-When did you lose your sense of adventure?
-I have a little bit of money now.
I can help you if you want.
-Unh-unh, unh-unh.
We're fine. You're the one who needs help.
Look at you! Your values are all confused.
-Ooh, my goodness.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I'm going to go to commercial, but we were talking about
dancing earlier, like that. -Yeah.
-Yeah. You don't still do that move
where you jump up and do a split and then jump back up,
do you?
-I mean, I'd have to have tequila.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Or, I could just take my shoes off.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Please do one!
Can you do one?
Roots, can we get a beat? -Would it be appropriate?
I feel... -No, you have...
[ Music playing ]
-I'll try.
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Music playing ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's what I'm talking about there!
Naomi Watts! [ Cheers and applause ]
"The Glass Castle" is in theaters now!
That's fantastic!
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Naomi Watts Could Have Been Jimmy's Wingman for Nicole Kidman

232 Folder Collection
Makoto published on December 21, 2018
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