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Although there are many castles in Germany,
there's none quite like Eltz Castle.
It has been privately owned by the Eltz family since 1157.
The Eltz Castle was originally constructed
in the 11th century.
However, additions and restorations
have been made over the years.
Unlike most castles, Eltz Castle isn't easy to spot.
It sits off the main road,
high on a rock within a low valley
and is surrounded by a lush forest.
Many visitors are drawn to the hiking trails
surrounding the castle grounds.
Thirty-four generations of the Eltz family
have lived among the castle's 120 rooms.
And since today, no one in the family lives there full time,
the ancestral home is open to the public.
Every year over 300,000 visitors
come to see the castle and its armory, treasury
and original furnishings that are over eight centuries old.
Throughout Europe's tumultuous history,
this enchanting castle was never invaded or destroyed.
Its rich history has earned it a spot
on the 500 Deutsche Mark note,
making it a special sight for those who get to experience it in person.
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Great Big Story: This German Castle Has Been One Family's Home for 850 Years

212 Folder Collection
許大善 published on December 21, 2018    Hsin Wei translated    Evangeline reviewed
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