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catch up with Drake.

We hear about one of the
craziest nights Nas has ever

And we explore the weird corners
of the World Wide Web.

NAS: Yo, what up?
This is Nas, and this like a
crazy party, crazy thing I

remember from back
in the days.

I went to a party in the city
for the Shaft movie premier

with Samuel Jackson--
New York City nightclub.
All of the sudden, I'm in the
middle of Wesley Snipes and

Grace Jones.
Wesley had on black.
And he was chilling.
And Grace was chilling--
very beautiful.

Grace Jones knocked my drink on
my arm, and some of it got

on her arm.
She's didn't see me there.
She just did it by mistake.
And I looked.
She looked at me.
She grabbed me and she--
her arm, it was sleeveless.
She looked at her arm where the
drink had fell and just

licked her arm where
the drink had fell.

And I was a few things--
I was starstruck, turned
on, I thought I was in

the Twilight Zone.
And she probably didn't
even who I was.

But I knew who she is--
I'm a fan.
And someone else grabbed me.
It's Wesley Snipes.
Oh shit, he pushed me.
And he's asked me: are you
a rapper or a scientist?

And I'm like damn, Wesley Snipes
pushed me kinda hard,

like, that's Wesley and
everything, but he's pushing

me, like, what's going on?
"I said, are you a rapper or a
scientist?" And I'm like damn,

Wesley Snipes is about to do
some Blade shit to me.

So I pushed him back.
And I said, you won't make it
out of here alive, man.

Wesley realized, why
am I pushing Nas?

And I'm like like, why am
I pushing back Wesley?

And where's Grace Jones at?
It was just a weird little
moment right there, so.

And that was some crazy-ass
shit from back in the days

around the way.
Love those days.
ANDREW GREEN: I thought Wesley
Snipes was in prison.

Next up, we check back in with
our real-life Muppet, Hanson

O'Haver, for another installment
of, "What's Up

With Drake?"
Hanson O'Haver.

This is "What's Up
with Drake."

So I'd like to take some time
today to address what's kind

of the most common criticism of
Drake, which is that he has

no sense of humor
about himself.

And you know, I don't know Drake
personally, so for all I

know he could be a perfectly
modest and just

affable young man.
But I'll agree that the way he
presents himself is as someone

who takes himself
too seriously.

For example, he tweets things
like, "I don't have an

addictive personality, but I'm
hooked on it." Or, like, posts

ridiculous photos of himself
on his own blog.

And in any normal situation this
would take away from an

artist's charm.
We like people that are
kind of self-effacing.

And musicians who take
themselves really seriously

are the worst.
For example, think of Creed,
or, like, Bono with this

tinted sunglasses and his arms
spread like a sort of rock and

roll Jesus.
Every once in a while due to a
combination of synergy, and

luck, and whatever else, for
a brief period of time,

everything that a musician
does is flawless.

And during this period, if
they were to present

themselves in a
less-than-serious manner, it

would only take away
from their charm.

For example, think of Prince's
Purple Rain.

Everyone agrees that
it's amazing.

But it's also totally insane.
Yet if Prince were to
acknowledge this and to, sort

of, wink at his audience and
say, hey guys, I know that you

guys know that this is totally
silly, the whole thing would

have been ruined.
I think that right now we've
reached this sort of "peak

Drake," where everything that
he does is amazing--

from his albums, to his videos,
to his guest spot on

the new Meek Millz song.
And as long as he continues in
this manner, there's no reason

that he needs to present himself
as anything less than

just a totally serious guy
making serious music about his

really serious emotions.
ANDREW GREEN: Why do I have
this weird feeling that

Drake's going to steal Hanson
from Vice just to

become his hype man?
And finally, we check back in
with our buddy Thomas Morton,

a Dickens character that time
forgot, to get his take on all

of the shit that we waste our
lives on instead of getting

anything productive done.
It's time for another episode
of "Whatcha Watching?"

THOMAS MORTON: Hi, welcome
to the Vice offices.

As you can see, everybody here
is doing a very good job

looking busy.
They're all at computers,
though, which means what

they're actually doing is,
basically, what you're doing--

screwing around on
the internet.

I work on a computer, too.
I'm no stranger to
YouTube links.

And so I've decided to put
together a few of my favorites

from this week.
So come enjoy the cream
of the crap.

Hey, so it's been
a little bit.

I thought we'd play
a little catch-up.

This first video is actually,
I think, the first video I

watched on the internet.
It's a short and quick one.
It's titled "Burrito Punch." A
tormented, heavy-set, Angus

kind of kid is pelted with a
burrito and then exacts really

quick schoolyard justice.
MALE SPEAKER 1: Oh shit.
the hell, man?

ANDREW GREEN: So, continuing
on the sort of ad hoc theme

we've got going of justice and
comeuppance is a stark

morality play called "The Story
of Mr. Dollar." Mr.

Dollar, as you can see, is kind
of a ramshackle dollar

store operation out
in Bushwick.

And here you see its owner doing
a less-than-effective

job cleaning up standing
rainwater on its roof.

And in a moment of Buster
Keaton-esque comedic timing,

you can see the ladder raises
and marches off frame.

So the second part takes place a
month later and is basically

a static shot of the damage
that the standing water he

never fully removed from his
room has done, which has

basically destroyed
his business.

What starts as your basic kind
of angry human baby berating

service industry employees video
is turned on its head by

the interruption of this skinny
little nerdlinger.

If you read the comments, it
turns out to be a varsity

Greco-Roman wrestler who
just happens to be a

Whataburger at 3:00 AM--
probably stoned,
visibly stoned.

MALE SPEAKER 3: I asked you
for a cheeseburger.

FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I'm sorry,
what did you say?

MALE SPEAKER 3: I asked you
for a cheeseburger!

MALE SPEAKER 4: Let them go.
Let them go.
MALE SPEAKER 4: Let them go.
THOMAS MORTON: To keep this
from getting too kind of,

like, morality-heavy, next is
a simple slice of life from

either North England
or Scotland.

It's basically a guy who
sees a trampoline

passing by in a storm.
MALE SPEAKER 5: Oh my god.
MALE SPEAKER 5: Oh my god.
Oh my god.
THOMAS MORTON: A picture-perfect
sort of

life-imitates-art callback to
one of the greatest moments of

1990s animation.
Oh my god!
LISA SIMPSON: What is it?
HOMER SIMPSON: Tramampoline!
THOMAS MORTON: I don't think
I've ever said trampoline

right since the airing
of that episode.

To close this week, I wanted
to show you guys a favored

video of a, it's sort of, it's
a flying lawnmower that I

think they sell to model
airplanes enthusiasts this set

to the tune of the moon level
from NES's Duck Tales, adding

a twinge of nostalgia to the
general air of serenity that

this should instill in you.
that's it for now.

We'll be back next week.
Thanks for YouTube-ing
in and subscribe

to this stuff, please.
ANDREW GREEN: I hope you enjoyed
another episode of

Vice Today.
Come back every Monday and
Thursday for new episodes.

And as always, if you like what
you saw, click up here to

subscribe, and thanks
for watching.

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Nas Talks About Almost Fighting Wesley Snipes: VICE Today 006

40 Folder Collection
阿明 published on December 19, 2018
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