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Today is a good day!
The city of Cheeseland will no longer be oppressively ignored by our government!
'Cause we're a free city!
And when I am elected I will be the governor we've never had!
I feel like you're sending some weirdly mixed messages.
This city needs a leader!
Someone who will build an entertainment district and put a zoo in it!
Uhh, sure, that's specific. I definitely think we need some quality of life improvements,
I'm just not entirely confident in your ability to make community decisions-
I am on board!
With... With what? What is he offering?
The old government was bad! They didn't give us enough food;
And they didn't give us enough housing;
Homelessness is a problem!
And then they put a science district in a stupid place,
and they won't let us change it and now, since the city is not expanding, there's no room for a zoo!
Science districts go next to mountains, you stupid government!
Yeah, nobody disagrees. With any of this. That's why we revolted.
Yes! I've got two votes! Anybody else? I'll give you a free subscription to whales!
No, why should we vote for you specifically? What will you do?
I will get the people of this city what they truly deserve... Um... Amenities!
I will find the amenities, there are many amenities out there. I-I will find them and I will get them.
Yeah! Amenities!
I just... I'm sorry, I had to be sure. What do you think amenities are?
Let me answer that with another question...
What do YOU think amenities are?
I don't know and you clearly don't either!
That's what I thought. Boom, debated.
I will also focus on the issues, like defense, and religion, and production, and science-
You can't focus on everything, that's not actually focusing.
Also, it's what the last government did, and they've been in a dark age for the last... Three ages.
I think he makes a lot of sense.
He doesn't. But, I guess it could be worse. At least he's not nuking his own city to kill enemy troops.
I'll take it! My first order of business is to decide which country will take over us next!
*Civ pop-up sound*
Wait, what?
There are a lot of options! China, they have all the wonders;
Scotland, they have golf courses, those are pretty neat;
Uh... England, they... Freak out when they don't own the entire world so that seems likely-
Seriously, hold on, why would we join another existing country?
We just left one. This is what we wanted, independence!
Well, yeah, but we can't just make up our own country. We're just one city!
What'd we even can call ourselves, Venice?
That could work.
No, we can be the nation of Cheeseland! We can make our own rules,
we can create the society that we've always wanted instead of conforming to somebody else's!
I like China's Pyramids!
Those are both very good points.
Right now, we're free! If we join another country, we're just gonna have all the same problems we did before!
Yeah, you might be right. And in that case, my first act as governor will be to declare our independence!
I mean we're already, you know we-
Woooh we are witnessing history people!
-you can have that.
That's wonderful news!
I just got back from a trading expedition and also learned that our old country built a zoo!
We're going back guys.
Hey everyone! If you enjoy our Civ videos, you might be interested in a much bigger project we're working on;
It's called Skyvault, it's a full 12-episode, like, series with a story and characters!
It's the best thing we've ever written!
And it's over on Kickstarter right now. You can find the link in the description.
We've already raised U$90,000.00 out of a U$150,000.00 we need.
We'd really like your help with it. We have two weeks left, we're halfway through the campaign period.
If you're interested in checking it out, be sure to visit the link, read up on it, watch the video, see what you think,
and if you can donate something, we'd really, really appreciate it.
I get punched in the face!
Yeah, it will happen.
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Civ 6: Independence Day

37 Folder Collection
wei published on December 16, 2018
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