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  • Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming and welcome to another video and the big

  • news is Counter Strike global Offensive csgo is now free-to-play starting

  • today's 7th of December and they've also added a battle royale mode into the game

  • as well so pretty big news and dropped out of nowhere so right now as you can

  • see it says free to play and there's also a prime status upgrade and

  • basically you get some souvenir items like better drops and stuff perhaps it

  • doesn't say here but perhaps maybe matchmaking might be better because

  • you'll be matched with other prime status players looking at the community

  • support they have answered some of the more common questions you have put the

  • link below here to have a look and basically everybody gets the same game

  • and people who already had the game they get a loyalty badge saying that they

  • were here before etc and the prime status you can buy as you can see or you

  • can simply play the game level up and when you reach Rank 21 you will unlock

  • prime status so you can do that and not spend any money but it's a pretty big

  • big deal I think it's a big move by steam valve and see how it goes because

  • csgo is a very popular game even as it is and to make it free I think the

  • numbers should double up very quickly on top of that they've added the battle

  • royale mode even I'm tempted to try it out now and yeah it runs on anything

  • pretty much so system requirements are very low you can see Windows 7 Vista XP

  • 2gb ram dual core processors really that's all you need runs on Mac and runs

  • on Linux yeah surprising but an impressive move so

  • check it out I guess if you haven't played csgo yet and yeah that's it thank

  • you for watching see you in the next one

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming and welcome to another video and the big

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