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- [Narrator] Steam is the most popular
gaming platform on MAC OS.
It offers the best Triple A
and Indie games out there.

Today, I'm going to be showing you
the best ones for 2018.
This list includes games
from mid-2017 to mid-2018.

However, some games were
released before 2017

but ported to MAC in the late
2017, if that makes sense.

Anyway, here are the Top
10 MAC Steam Games of 2018.

- (loud slurping) Ah,
now that's the stuff.

- [Narrator] Starting at number 10,
we have the Banner Saga 3.
This is the final chapter in the acclaimed
Banner Saga series, which
have amazing reviews.

And you guys have often remarked
how much you loved the first two.
The Banner Saga 3 features
much of the same gamplay

as prior entries, but offers more deep,
strategic combat with a
new battle wave system,

and brings new characters and enemies.
Plus, if you played the first two,
this one carries on your
own narrative and choices.

This can lead to
different climatic endings

in the final chapter.
The game is releasing in just a few days
upon the release of this episode,
so I hope it is received
well by gamers abroad.

- [Video Game Voiceover] In Banner Saga 3,
the end has come.
- [Narrator] Number 9 is F1 2017.
Welcome to the best racing
game on MAC OS right now.

F1 2017 grants unprecedented
access to not only

the on-track excitement of Formula 1,
but also the off-track dealings
and vehicle development
that goes along with it.

The game's career mood
includes practice programs,

a research and development tree,
and the ability to manage
engines and gear boxes.

Also, the cross-platform
multiplayer is great here too,

with a full grid of 20 cars,
both current and classic.

F1 2017 is honestly the
best and most thrilling

Formula 1 experience
so far in this series.

(cars revving)
Number 8, we have
Batman: The Enemy Within.

This game is made by Telltale
and I've been showing
Telltale games on this channel

since I started uploading
way back in 2013.

Let me know if you've been
following me that long.

Throughout that time, I
have loved the dedication

Telltale has shown towards MAC OS,
porting a mammoth amount of
their games to our platform.

Batman: The Enemy Within is
the latest game from Telltale

and once again, I love it.
It shows a story-based perspective
of the Batman universe,

presenting iconic
characters like The Riddler,

The Joker, Catwoman,
Harley Quinn and many more.

The game now includes
access to all five episodes.

Number 7 is Overload.
From the creators of
Descent comes Overload,

a new first-person shooter game
with a unique take on the genre.
Anything fresh to the FPS
genre is a good thing for me

as every new shooter
that comes out lately,

feels a little similar, am I right?
Overload appears to be a little different
and has fluid controls and graphics
that offers gamers 15 levels
of single-player action,

but also challenging modes
and online multiplayer

with up to eight players.
It's a perfect game to just sit down
after a day at school
or, I don't know, work

and relax and forget about your troubles.
(lasers firing)
Number 6, we have Tropico 6.
I thought I would put
at least one upcoming

MAC OS game on this list.
One that I knew will
definitely see a MAC release.

Tropico 6 is the latest
game in the series.

Players can prove themselves
once again as a dictator,

or peace-loving statesmen, on
the island state of Tropico.

And can shape the fate of
their own Banana Republic

through four distinctive eras.
There are some new things here,
like managing extensive archipelagos,
building bridges to connect islands,
and new means of transportation
and infrastructure.

And there are some other new things too.
- [Video Game Voiceover]
New means of transportation

will offer great opportunities of exchange
to you and our visitors.
- [Narrator] Number 5 is Observer.
A very dark take on our future
is what Observer will present to you.
It's a horror game, if you couldn't tell.
And what I love about it
is the dark color palettes,

but also at the same time,
it is kind of colorful, yeah?

The story follows Dan Lazarski,
an elite neutral detective.

It's your job to hack and
invade suspects' minds

with the goal of solving cases.
It shows a future where
anything you think, feel,

or remember, can be used
against you in a court of law,

which is terrifying if you ask me.
- [Video Game Voiceover]
Caution... administer secrecy.

Subject expired during questioning.
Emergency extraction procedure successful.
- [Narrator] Number 4,
we have Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.
When the first Pillars
of Eternity was released,

it was pretty much a
success from the get-go.

It broke records on Kickstarter
for reaching 4 million

and is considered one of
the best RPG games for MAC.

So Pillars of Eternity 2 was released
a little while ago this year,
but you might want to know:

is it worth your time?
I'm gonna say yes, this
game is a big deal,

it is worth your time.
It's a worthy successor
but has also improved

upon all the elements of the original.
Visually, it looks better,
and some would argue

it plays better with improved
and new naval combat.

Number 3 is Celeste.
This game shows a
journey of self-discovery

but also facing inner-demons.
The gameplay is kind of
similar to Super Meatboy

but unlike that game,
Celeste doesn't make me

want to punch my MAC screen to death.
Celeste is a challenging platform title
but it doesn't wear my out,
and I always want to keep playing
even if I'm dying over
and over and over again!

The controls are actually
quite simple too.

You can simply jump, air-dash, and climb.
You'll die often but
each death is a lesson

which helps you to solve
all of these levels.

Number 2 we have Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Brought to MAC OS by Feral
Interactive late last year,

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
takes place in 2029,

and follows Adam Jenson,
a covert operative.

Jenson is armed with an arsenal of weapons
and augmentations that
players can choose from.

The game has many different
ways to approach each encounter:

will you go in full guns blazing,
or take a more stealthy approach?
Plus, the game has
choices and consequences.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks beautiful
and plays like a gem on
the machines it supports.

- [Video Game Voiceover] Right
now you need to concentrate

on Miller, and find a way to access the--
(gunfire explodes)
(people screaming)
- [Narrator] Let's look
at some notable mentions.

Wizard of Legend.
Total War Sagas: Thrones of Britannia.
- [Video Game Voiceover]
Conquer the British isles.

- [Narrator] SteamWorld Dig 2.
DiRT Rally.
A Hat in Time.
Dead Cells.
Subnautica, which is a great
game, don't get me wrong.

But it isn't very well
optimized on MAC OS right now.

Paladins, which is also an amazing game.
But I didn't put it on
this list as last year,

I showed it in the 2017 Steam episode,
when it was an early-access game.
But you can now download it
as a full release experience, so yay!
And finally, number 1, we
have Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Even though it took Feral
Interactive some time

to port Rise of the Tomb
Raider to our platform,

I'm not even complaining.
The game is a masterpiece
and looks fantastic

on the MACs that support it.
For the most part, it
plays like the 2013 game

but has been most defiant
with a richer story

and upgraded gameplay mechanics
that present the best Lara Croft yet.
If you're looking for an
awesome, action adventure game

look towards Rise of the Tomb Raider.
You won't be disappointed.
Also, here's to hoping Feral
Interactive works their magic

on a MAC version of the upcoming
Shadow of the Tomb
Raider, fingers crossed.

Those are the Top 10
MAC Steam Games of 2018.

Have you tried out or will you
try out any of these games?

Were you more happy with
last year's Steam episode?

Let me know all your
thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later.
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Top 10 Mac Steam Games of 2018

938 Folder Collection
wei published on December 16, 2018
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