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Optometrist Marketing - hey what's going on this is Alex this is video is taken from a Facebook live that
we do every single night alright so we're gonna be building this optometrist
funnel now it's all gonna start with a Facebook ad so right here I'm going
ahead and I am writing out what I would use as a Facebook ad now keep in mind we
do these on Facebook lives so I come up with this right on this spot total much
time to prepare we take from the comments someone in the comments said to
do this so we'll do a Facebook ad for this one right here there's our Facebook
ad now it's going to say we're gonna use a facebook video and that's the rest of
the newsfeed so what I'm doing now is I am creating a opt-in page now this is
for bangs I practice company I'm just made up get your free eye exam by
filling out the form there's gonna be a video named email and submit and that's
gonna allow people to opt-in that will send the optometrist that lead so no will have a
thank you page call you very soon to schedule the appointment and we'll talk
to very soon and then right there we're gonna have a spot right here where
they're gonna be able to follow us on Facebook very important and to get you
some likes onto your Facebook page
alright so if your on watching this on Facebook or you watching this on YouTube
share comment subscribe anything like that we do these every single night and
I should be be I should be making more of these videos all the time so if you
like that you can head on over to Ken walls comm forward slash gently or Ken
walls calm just like that and you can sign up for Ken's book that is coming
out very very soon it's called walls of wisdom
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Optometrist Marketing

25 Folder Collection
wei published on December 15, 2018
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