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Hey guys It's 0 (Zero) here back with another tutorial for my How to Play KanColle series.
Today we'll be looking at
How to finish your account as an Admiral
and the basic tutorial that, when you play the game for the first time.
so without further ado let's get started
alright once you get into the server it'll show you a dialogue box, where you can type in your name
this will be your Admiral name, so you can choose whatever you want. You can be
WeirdGuy67 or anything like that.
then you'll be present with this screen right here
So, the two buttons you see
on the left and right of that centre button of course
it'll let you choose between different ships. These ships are your starter ships.
there are 5 of them to choose from
and it doesn't really matter
who you pick because all of them have similar stats.
A friend of mine told me to choose Fubuki, because
apparently she's very rare drop: for stores as
for Destroyers as they
go. I don't know he just saw me to, I did that, but
if you have any other preference go ahead take whatever you want
and then I'll go to actual gameplay to
show you the tutorial that you'll be presented with anyways and go through with you even though
I've completed it myself.
Hey guys now I'm in game and as you can see Fubuki s my flagship for the
This will be the screen that you're presented with, this is the main
screen you'll be seeing
and the easy thing..
Well, I'll explain that later.
The first thing you'll want to do is click this button here,
you'll see a notification
beside it
like over here with a fairy or something.
you'll want to click this this is your,
your factory this is where you'll be creating ships,
items, discarding ships or items that you don't need.
For the tutorial you will want you build a ship
I recommend that you just simply build one ship that is
a destroyer so just click this green button
then these are the supplies you want to use
You have your fuel here,
The steel it's gonna cost,
the amount of ammunition it's gonna cost
and the amount of Bauxite, which I'm still not sure what it is, but I'm guessing
something important in building ships in general so if you build this
you'll be getting a destroyer. Again I said just don't waste supplies
on trying to get a large ship
just the basics so far,
until you know what you're doing
Once you get that,
depending on what
you get, most likely it'll take a few min- less than
half an hour. Mine took 20 minutes but otherwise
all you do is then wait and come back to the video when you're done.
Okay, once you're done you'll get a notification.
Go back to construction and you'll have a button that says "Get"
instead, then you can get your ship.
once you get your ship in go to this sidebar here. This sidebar is basically the same thing
as a main menu. You can still navigate through things the same. As you can see here
right now you're in construction. Next you want to go to your organise
button. This "Organise" button allow you to change ships in your fleet
so I have Fubuki in here, but I want to add that new ship.
So I want to click this button over here. I have all my ships sorted by
levels, so let's just take someone I don't know level one
I don't know who you are but sure yeah there.
Now she's in my first fleet.
and she's - Fubuki is still my flagship
she now part of my fleet
That's really easy. This is the second thing you want to do.
Next you want to go to "Quests"
it'll be easier once you know what to do
with the addon I will be showing you later on
so this one over here is it for your quests his quest. This is just the basics
This button is for your quests, these are things they can assign you.
With the addon you'll know what they actually say
You can tell what to do
You can net rewards as you can see here. You can get fuel, steel, bauxite
anything that you need for you ships
Noow you want to do your
first mission. Click this big ship button right here
For now I know that
this expedition button will be grayed out, I'll explain those later
this I think is still there even if you're not a certain level
or have certain ships, but this is what you're looking for; the "Sortie" button
this is for your missions, so click that
you'll have everthing else grayed out, of course.
This is the first one you'll have
you want to click that, click start
you'll have your two ships that you start with.
you'll always go to the first one and it's usually and encounter.
Ship, ship combat is basically
they do it all on their own. I can explain the combat later on
when we get to a more advanced video
You have them come in, there's an enemy ship.
They'll just fire at each other and have a torpedo round
that's all you'll need to know for now.
and.. Torpedos, it's most likely dead.
Bam. Done.
you'll see this screen, it'll show you the end of battle
see who your VIP, what damage you took
and how much damage you gave to them and your battle rank, I got "S". YAY!
Of course I'm so surprised. I'm sure you'll get S rank as well, it's quite easy.
as you can see
the MVP get more exp, I'm not sure how that's calculated yet.
but to my knowledge its person that does most damage
*question mark* all right and as it would be a first battle
they'll be two things that you'll want to know here.
This button is to continue fighting
with your mission and this one over here is to return to
your main base so as
someone whose first playing you want to click that button.
with that you're back to main base
now another button you want to know about is this button over here
is your resupply button this button allows you to
resupply your ships. so you can see here we have our ships have used a fuel
and... ammo
so you want to click on them and it'll show
Okay look I got
this much steel I need to give away
now these tw- three buttons over here you want to selct
fuel only you can click fuel only
You can click only ammo
or you can click top resupply for both. I'm going to click for both.
once you click that button to go back to the home screen
Congratulations, you finished the tutorial stage!
now you know to loosely play KanColle.
My next videos now will be more about the main screen, more of the things you'll be doing at
home base.
if you want more information for yourself, you can check out the Wiki, link in
the description below. You can also subscribe for more these videos
in the future it helps a lot people find it.
leave a like it helps me a lot because it makes me
feel really good that I know that I'm helping people out. So thank you for watching.
I'll see you guys next time.
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KanColle Tutorial 2 - In Game Tutorial

66 Folder Collection
wei published on December 15, 2018
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