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Hello! Hey, your S4 has tons of bad reviews!
So i make a party to promote it! Can you smell it?
... very funny "plastic" smell!
Uncle Sam! Faster faster! drop, drop, drop, drop!!
Plastic, actually is not bad!
Ar ha ...
(The telephone rings) react, react, react!
(Phone) Bad boy, you don't pick up the phone!
Finally, you answer your call, after 10 miss calls! Congratulations!
Come on, I want to demonstrate the S-beam!
The color is weird! Shuts! Watch it!
S-Beam! ! I know that you can only use it within the same brand.
Right! Even another Android phone cannot use the function!
Look at the Idiot, he thinks he can fly, eventually, he drops!
What is your "great" plan?
I will launch a harder plastic in next version!
It claim it has 16G storage, but less than 8G storage left for users.
They have reasons...
The reason is, they think we were idiots!
How to use that function? Sweep left, or right?
Forget it, a gimmick only!
Uncle Sam has a message for you.
Wait a minute ... a minute, a minute, a minute, a minute ...
Sun oil will hurt the phone? how's Uncle Sam?
He said that he need thousands of fake Facebook account to write fake reviews!
Him... no way!
Any other selling point?
It can be the remote control, look!
What? I need to buy a new TV?
We should change all products to this brand... so good!!
Do they have remote control toilet? I want to shit now!
Uncle Sam!
You ask for something better than "plastic", they can just give you another piece of "plastic"!
The Next "Plastic" is Here!
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香港惡搞 Samsung Galaxy S4

2937 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 12, 2013
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