B1 Intermediate US 41 Folder Collection
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The brooding forests of the Baltic home to the old gods now home to war.
The ruthless knights of the Teutonic Order who came to deal with pagan Lithuania at Poland's request.
Now carve a bloody swave across the land.
Lithuanian pagans fight with grim determination yet the path of the holy cross may be inevitable.
Surrounding this bloody conflict.
Sleeping giants begin to stir.
Novgorod a powerful Republic jealously guarding it's freedom and trade.
The mighty Danes renowned the seafarers and warriors willing to back their ambitions with brute force.
And of course Poland a proud Kingdom once allied to the Teutonic Knights.
Now battered and regretfull must face the demons it unleashed.
Total War.
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Mediveal 2 Total War Teutonic Campaign Intro

41 Folder Collection
wei published on December 14, 2018
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