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  • The coastal road north of

  • Asurf, September the 7th,

  • 1191 A.D.

  • Take that man's blade;

  • his armour is a disgrace!

  • The Third Crusade began with the capture of the city of Acre,

  • the ultimate goal to seize Jerusalem.

  • King Richard the Lionheart

  • of England saw the port city of

  • Jaffa as a vital staging post on the road

  • to the holy city, and resolved to take it.

  • Martialing the crusader forces,

  • King Richard marches south to rest

  • the city from Saracean hands.

  • Shadowing this invading army from inland,

  • the great sultan

  • and leader of the Saracens, Saladin,

  • waits for an opportunity to strike.

  • Saladin draws his army into battle formation

  • in a forest near Asurf,

  • an ideal position from which to launch an ambush.

  • In readiness for the inevitable Saracen attack,

  • King Richard's men march in a formation

  • that will allow them to respond quickly;

  • his archers and crossbowmen hug the coast with a stream of cavalry and infantry

  • between them and the Saracens.

  • We shall put them to the sword, or put them to flight!

  • Saladin springs the attack with terrifying

  • quickness, hoping to drive the

  • crusaders into the sea.

  • Let's start moving; into the breach!

  • Any man who runs will answer to my wrath!

  • Steady lads, rank up!

The coastal road north of

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