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Hello Youtube, BlueMatona here bringing you
the top ten infantry units in Rome: Total

Starting off the list at number ten is the
Silver Shield Pikemen of the Seleucid Empire.

Their attack is fairly average at ten and
their defense is nothing extraordinary either

at only fourteen.
The 730 Denarii price tag on this unit makes
it just a standard phalanx pikemen unit on

its own.
It takes the tenth spot on this list, however,
because of its effectiveness when paired with

the Seleucid Empire's Silver Shield Legionaries,
which will defend the flanks of the pikemen.

Number nine is the Bronze Shield Pikemen of
Pontus, which have the same attack and defense

stats as the previous Seleucid empire pikemen
at ten for attack and fourteen for defense.

They take one spot higher on the list though
because of their lower price tag, only costing

the player 690 Denarii per unit.
Number eight are the Chosen Axemen of Germania.
This unit has a very high attack stat at eighteen
that is balanced by the extremely low defense

stat of six.
With more men than the Berserkers, and a smaller
price tag of only 580 Denarii, this unit is

a worthy addition to any Germanic army.
Number seven is the Early Legionary Cohort
of the Roman factions.

With an attack stat of nine, complemented
by a missile attack of eleven and high defense

of seventeen, this unit forms the backbone
of the roman army right after the Marian reforms,

which change the roman army from basic units
like the Hastati to more advanced units like

this one.
A low price of only 610 Denarii means that
even a player with a weak economy can afford

these cost-effective units.
Coming in at number six are the Royal Pikemen
of Macedon.

Macedon's elite infantry unit, these pikemen
have an attack of nine and a high defense

of seventeen, and only cost 690 Denarii.
While lacking in attack stats compared to
other hoplite units, this groups extremely

long spears give it an edge and allow it to
attack before other units can even come close

to reaching it.
Marking the halfway point of this list at
number five are the Pharaoh's Guards of

This unit sports high attack and defense stats,
with twelve for attack and nineteen for defense,

and a very low price tag of only 620 Denarii.
The guards also gain a combat bonus when fighting
in deserts which encompass most of the Egypt

empire during the game.
Number four is the Sacred Band of Carthage.
Carthage's top infantry unit, they have
an attack stat of twelve and an astronomical

defense stat of 23.
With a rather moderate price tag of 710 Denarii,
these warriors form the bulk of late-game

Carthaginian armies.
They have the ability to fight both as a phalanx
and as swordsmen, giving them an extra edge

on the battlefield and allowing for them to
be a very versatile unit.

Number three are the Berserkers of Germania.
With an extremely high attack stat of nineteen,
and the ability to use warcry to boost it

even further, these men are the most effective
one on one units in the game.

They have a low defense stat of only five,
making them very vulnerable to archery fire,

and a decently high price of 840 Denarii,
but these effectiveness and sheer power that

these units possess lands them high on our

Number two are the Spartan Hoplites of Greece.
These red-coated warriors have a high attack
stat of sixteen and a high defense stat of

The astronomical price tag of 1220 Denarii,
however, makes them hard to recruit in bulk.

These men have extremely high morale and will
fight until pretty much wiped out.

And the top spot on our list of the best infantry
units in Rome: Total War goes to the Urban

Cohorts of the Roman armies.
With a high attack of fourteen, complemented
by a missile attack of eighteen, and a massive

defense stat of 24, these units absolutely
dominate on the battlefield.

Their price of 860 Denarii is high but fitting
for the units abilities.

With their maneuverability, power, ability
to form testudo formation, ranged attack,

and excellent defense, the Urban Cohort can
easily take down any other unit in the game

and is definitely deserving of the number
one spot on this list.

So that rounds out our list.
Thank you all for watching and I hope you
enjoyed the video.

Please tell me in the comments down below
if you agree with my rankings or have any

units that you think should have been on the

Please like and subscribe as well because
it really does help guys.

And as always, I hope to see you all next

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TOP 10 INFANTRY UNITS - Concise Top 10's - Rome: Total War

44 Folder Collection
wei published on December 14, 2018
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