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Hey everyone, I know it seems like it might be a little late to do a Despacito parody
But we mainly wanted to cover this huge hit by Puerto Rican artist Fonsi as a reminder that Puerto Rico still needs our help
And there's some great charities that you can donate to like one. I just used called United for Puerto Rico
There's a link in the description for that and I'm gonna remind you again about this at the end of the video
But for now here's a bit of our usual musical silliness
All right, we're gonna do a little something different today, we're gonna do "Despacito".
Translated into English. I was gonna put it through Google Translate
But sometimes that comes out kind of weird so I decided to have my Spanish speaking friend Anthony translate it for us
Yeah, the Google Translate was all wrong, and it didn't rhyme so you made this version so that it rhymes
C-suite, let's do it. All right. I'm just gonna karaoke this one right off the teleprompter
Why ?
What's WRONG?
Is dead
Me... I like to go to this rock beach and masturbate
Ever since this model moved next door
She's hot
Me... I love her too but she dates younger men...
Man I wish I was that little boy
This can't be right just sing
DUDE, I always used to get a wicked farmer turn cut my seeds, but now my shoulders burned real bad
Cut my sleeves but now my shoulder's burnt real bad
And it's impossible to only turn your torso
oh yeah!
this reminds me of my favorite movie Chocolat'
Chocolate you shut up now everyone is hard to try this black party's about to become a porno
Magneto, but I can move metal
I just funder people when I touch the air you feel it near your pee-hole when I'm president. I will make slaves illegal
Point at people
Wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating cheetos
You made sour squirt out of my burrito
All these men have wood, it's like we're at home depot
Stupid stupid stupid !
Notice that they never have us in a shot together
It's Because of the retraining order
You Make me stiff as c-3po
That's not cool, those movies are for familes
You can steal an old man's hat and take his gran torino
Just kiss him on the head and then go
HOT chicks can just steal from people
You got me tumbling like dominoes
There's money in this sample of my savings you can have it all nervous like Adam Sandler. You can rap man because we're all a bunch of dumb dumbs
Give you diamonds in the hope
One day we will get some
This is also like that movie Something About Mary one of the better films directed by the brothers barely farrelly
Aren't you impressed by all this mouth and tongue dexterity
My favorite youtube vid is of that kid who say's"apparently"
nones of this scene right
But doesn't despecito means slowly
mark you're being very insulting to Ana who took all this time to translate this for you
I am sorry aunt I didn't mean this is for a good cause and you're screwing it up. You're right
Can we just take it back to the desk seto part. I feel like I know that part pretty well
Yeah, sure, okay
this mosquito
tried to suck my blood like Senor Dracula Tito Dracula's brother who lives in Puerto Rico
When I'm making love I whimper like gimme go
Then spread people make their living poking fun at famous
I am way too dumb to ever be bilingual. I make parodies cuz I'm a stupid gringo
I make parodies cuz I'm a stupid gringo
Stupid stupid
stop nobody makes a fool out of me
We're having some fun with you mark
But did it comment on the original song or did it not it did not not yes
It did comment on the original song and did we take the song into a different direction
Transforming it even yeah, I guess and what do we call that a parody and what's Spanish for little parody?
Wait it's feminine so is it parodita?
I'm just glad we skip that version that happy the songs good enough. It didn't never need your
guest star feature
The Duckie of unpluged
So that was wacky and immature because that's what we're lucky enough to get to do around here
But most of the citizens of Puerto Rico are still not so lucky right now people need clean water food medical supplies
So please check out the site United for PuertoRico.com
or another great one called the Hispanic Federation where you can send money to Puerto Rico and
Or help the victims of the recent Mexico City earthquake those links are in the description
We're donating all we can and we're gonna keep trying our best to make you all laugh during these screwed up times
god bless
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Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED

154 Folder Collection
manisung published on December 14, 2018
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