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First of January onwards for the first three months of 2018
language lessons every single day with real native qualified teachers
For free if you complete this the only thing you end up paying is a card fee. Which is 50 cents
This annoying you because it's annoying
Hello, everyone and welcome back to english with lucy. I have got a chatty video for you today
It is going to give you some really good
English learning tips and it's also going to be great for your listening practice as well
So if you're struggling to hear me make sure you turn on the subtitles which I've lovingly created for you
So you can represent your language and help those who?
Struggle to understand this level of English by clicking on the link that I pinned to the top of the comment section
So I've been on YouTube now for almost two years. I cannot believe it
I started on the 6th of January
2016 that's when I uploaded my first ever video
Make or do which I'm sure you can find somewhere
But throughout those years there has been one question that has been constantly constantly coming up
And it's a question
I've never felt comfortable to answer before and that is how long?
Does it take to learn English or broader than that how long does it take to learn a language and to speak it fluently?
it has been a
Very interesting year a lot has happened a lot of good things a lot of negative things and but I'm really looking forward to
2018 one of the reasons I'm looking forward to it so much is because I am participating in a marathon
I've signed up to run the London Marathon
I'm so so excited
But it's not my first marathon
It might be my first marathon running
but I really feel like I've participated in a marathon before because I have
a language to fluency I
Consider myself to be fluent in Spanish if you want to test that then you can check me out - speaking Spanish in this video
Here, but I consider learning a language to be a marathon you can't sprint it
You can't do it in a day you have to do a little bit ideally every single day
But if not on a very very regular basis I get students coming to me all the time saying Oh
Last year my English level was so good
I lived in Dublin and then I moved back to my home country
And I've lost everything if I stopped training now for this marathon
I would lose all of the work that I had put in so when I get these questions from students like Lucy
Realistically how long does it take to become fluent in the language?
Or Lucy. I'm at a b1 level right now. Can I get the c1 within two years?
I don't know how to answer for every individual
But I do know how to answer for my students as a whole have you ever heard of the fable with the proverb?
slow and steady wins the race you know when there was that hare with the tortoise and
The hare sprinted it and had a nap didn't win the race, but the tortoise
Did little by little slowly steadily and won the race
Well, I don't believe in that either. I think instead of slow and steady wins the race
I think we need to say constant and consistent
wins the race one hour
every day for two weeks is
So much better than one day into it you cram 14 hours
Okay, you might wake up the very next day knowing a lot of English and may be able to pass your English test
But two weeks on will you still have all of that information and knowledge retained in your brain?
I don't think so. I think the way we have to look at it is
setting goals
Realistic goals, but the right kind of goals and goals that you have control over
Rather than goals you don't have control over now that might seem really really obvious
But actually it's somebody very very intelligent told me about this the other day, and it made me think oh
My god, what a revelation my students need to be reminded of this
I'm sure some of you are already completely conscious of this, but for those who aren't or maybe were and have forgotten
Let me relay this to you the two types of goals. I want you to focus on are goals that you
Don't have control over and goals that you do have control over
So for example I would never do this
But imagine if I set myself the goal of hitting 1 million subscribers by the end of 2018
That's not a goal that I have control over its new people subscribing
It's my current subscribers staying subscribed. It's the algorithm. It's
YouTube continuing to be a very successful platform
I'm only a very small part of achieving that goal. However if I were to set myself a goal like
Next year I want to upload a video that I'm really proud of
Every single week, that's a goal that I have control over
It's a goal that I think is much more likely to bring me success and satisfaction
It's in my hands. I want to do it. I've set it for myself
So what I've shared with you today. I would share with you guys
Regardless of sponsorship, but actually one of my long-term sponsors in fact they were my first ever sponsor
And they've showed incredible
Support throughout such a long time and sort of my entire career
They've come up with a really cool campaign, and I'm really genuinely excited to bring it to you because it ties in perfectly
With what I wanted to say to you guys today. It's like it's too perfect
it's the language marathon and
The company is then goda if you are one of my subscribers
Then you will you will know about the lungo de they sponsor my videos they make these lessons happen
They've set up a campaign which is too perfect it ties in so perfectly with what I wanted to say today
They have started a language marathon
and I'm so excited to bring it to you because I have the chance it's amazing because they've given me the chance to offer my
Subscribers, and it's not a competition. It is for all of you
The chance to to get from the first of January onwards for the first three months of 2018
language lessons every single day with real native qualified teachers
For free if you complete this the only thing you end up paying is a card fee. Which is 50 cents
The language marathon ties in perfectly with the message that I want to give to you guys the fact that constantly and steadily and consistently
Studying English will bring you to your goal
Firstly, what is lingo de if you don't already know. I'm sure you do know if you don't already know. Let me quickly
It's an online Language Academy they teach English French Spanish and German
They have real native qualified teachers that deliver group and private video chat lessons
So you are always in contact with a real native teacher
So you can go up one entire language level by taking one?
one-hour class every single day for the first three months of
2018 that is the lingo de language marathon now this offer is only for people who are completely committed
Because you pay for the full course, but if you complete every single day
You can go to or a fund it all back to you
This is why it's so important to be committed, but for those who need this and want this it's such an incredible opportunity
the price you pay is
189 euros a month and that is actually an incredible rate for language lessons I
Can tell you when I was working in classrooms?
I was charging way more than that if you don't think that you can commit to those three months every single day
Then you can do the half marathon as well you pay 99 euros per month
And you will get a 50% refund at the end of it if you complete it
It's very obvious you have to be completely completely committed to participate in this
There are very limited spaces as well
I think French and German are now almost completely full and the English spaces are really filling up, too
If you complete the full marathon you will save
587 euros can you imagine?
587 euros worth of language lessons for free
It's it's crazy
I love the idea
and I just love the way it's giving an opportunity for almost everyone to get involved and to
Experience something like this now
I know it sounds quite nerve-wracking. What happens if something comes up, and you can't complete one day
this was the first thing that I asked lingotto when they told me about this offer and
And they said that they are allowing
one day of
extra give if you're ill if you have a family event or something you can catch up with them that extra day, so
Theoretically you could take two lessons on a Monday not on a Tuesday - on a Wednesday
Another thing to say is that it's completely customized to your schedule
So you can pick any hour of the day any day of the week?
They will completely customize to your schedule lingo to have very kindly taken away
The sign-up fee for my students the entry fee was 5 euros
But you guys don't have to pay that if you use my code marathan 3
They will only charge a $0.50 signup fee when you sign up using the link below
You will not be charged until the 30th of December and before that date
You can cancel your participation if something comes up after then
You will have committed to making those 3 payments
And then if you complete the marathon that will be refunded to you so to those who are interested
committed and dedicated
This is an awesome offer if you participate correctly and as intended you will get your money back
I think it's such a generous offer to those who are getting involved keep me updated on how it's going
I think it's an incredible thing that you're doing
It's no mean feat and no mean feat means. It's not something easy to achieve
It's gonna be challenging
But it's gonna be so rewarding. I mean the biggest reward of all will be improving a whole language level
But it's also pretty nice to have that free and get that big lump sum back at the end
So if you're interested click on the link in the description box use the code
Marathon 3 get that signup discount and get started have a wonderful day
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How long SHOULD it take to learn English? | 3 months of FREE daily English lessons #Spon

171 Folder Collection
Xuan Lin published on December 9, 2018
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