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In this video I am going to uncover how to stop allergies fast.
Hi I'm Dr. Zyrowski from NuvisionExcel.com.
If you are new to the channel it is a pleasure to have you here.
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and your life.
In this video we are going to talk about how to stop allergies fast.
You know, one in five people over 50 million americans suffer from allergies on a regular
Allergies are something that most people don't know there are some natural things you can
Were going to talk about the natural remedies that you can use to help reduce your allergy
symptoms and your allergies.
Year over year what you will find is that they continue to get better and better.
When we look at allergies essentially what it is a allergic reaction is hyperaction that
releases histamine.
Histamine is going to cause a contraction of the smooth muscle but also a dilation of
the capillaries.
As a result of this allergic reaction your immune system is going to release IGE antibodies
which is going to cause all those different symptoms.
Whether it is rashes, runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing, skin irritation.
Over the years I have used these different natural remedies that were going to talk about
and they have increasingly helped to stop my allergies.
I can tell you I used to suffer greatly from allergies and then today I will get some itchy
eyes and runny nose a little bit but for the most part my allergies are, have gotten so
much better.
So let's just in and talk about these.
First is local raw honey.
Local raw honey, is really powerful when it comes to reducing allergies.
The thing is really important when it comes to the honey is it needs to be local because
what is happening essentially here is that you are preparing your body for pollen for
the pollen season, you're introducing your body to it.
That way when the springtime comes or the time that is heavy with pollen essentially
your immune system will really be prepped for it.
The key here is make sure it is local because if you are using honey that is not local you
won't be adapted to that local pollen.
Next big one is probiotics, the reason that probiotics is so successful with helping with
allergy problems is because 80% of your immune system is located in your gut.
When your immune system is functioning properly you will have less hypersensitive reactions
to the environment around you.
When we look at allergies it is simply your body overreacting to your environment.
When we look at people who suffer greatly from allergies it is typically the same people
who have a very unhealthy gut.
Taking probiotics has been research proven to support allergy problems.
Be sure to jump in and take a good quality probiotic on a daily basis.
Especially if you are suffering from allergies.
The next thing is Frankincense, frankincense is a super powerful essential oil that is
known for having so many different healing benefits but one of them is allergies.
If you want to really support allergies use frankincense.
You can defuse it, rub it on your skin, it is really going to help support you during
the allergy system.
The next one is Vitamin C, now vitamin c has once again many different benefits to the
Very well known to really support the body in a big way.
One of the lesser things that vitamin c is known for is reducing histamine.
When we have this allergy response histamine vitamin c is going to really help and support
reducing that.
It is really powerful in that way.
The next one is bioflavonoids, bioflavonoids are things such as rootin and essentially
what that is going to do is help modulate your immune system.
Help reduce histamine, help that overreaction of the immune system.
Taking bioflavonoids is going to help in a big way.
Next is stinging nettles, stinging nettles is one of those things that I have a hard
time saying anything nice about because it brings me back to when I was a kid running
through the tall grass with shorts on and running through a patch of those and then
having a miserable day.
Stinging nettles, I don't care for them in a big way but it is actually powerful when
it comes to healing.
When we look stinging nettles what it is going to do is help modulate the immune system,
reduce histamine, reduce inflammation and stinging nettles are going to be really powerful
for your allergic response and reducing your allergic response.
So, definitely check them out.
Next thing on our list is bromelain, it is really powerful it is actually extracted from
the pineapple fruit.
It is going to help with modulating the immune system, reduction of histamine, it is actually
going to even help with the absorption of the bioflavonoids.
So, it is very powerful in helping with allergies.
Last on our list is N-Acetyl-Cysteine.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine is essentially a precursor to glutathione, which has a great benefit
to increasing the immune system and decreasing allergies.
So N-Acetyl-Cysteine is great to supplement with as well when it comes to reducing allergies.
Now, one thing I didn't mention is food, food is not on the list and what you will
find is different foods such as dairy,wheat , gluten, soy, nuts, eggs all these different
foods, what they are going to do is amply the different reactions you are getting from
So if you are already reacting to your outside environment, then you have some of these foods,
you are going to have a larger reaction.
So what you need to do is be very careful of these different foods that are prone to
causing a allergic response because it will cause you to be very uncomfortable.
What you might find is you might eat a apple or you might eat eggs, or some dairy and then
all of a sudden your sneezing a lot.
Anyways, stay away from those different foods.
The last thing I want to mention here is if you take all of these different things together,
you will get such better results.
Some people will try and go local raw honey and then give up or try probiotics and then
give up and go right back to the over the counter medications.
The thing is when it comes to natural health you start taking all these different things
and start stacking the benefits and stacking the odds in your favor and that is how you
are going to see results.
Don't just give up and the other thing to when you use them together they are so much
more powerful.
Bromelain helps absorb this, they all work to support each other, when you are looking
at these different ingredients because I know some are asking where do you even find these
What we use is an allergy supplement called allerassist, i'll put the link in the description
below for it but it has these different ingredients in it which are really powerful when it comes
to allergies but once again use all these centerjistcally for the absolute best results.
So, until next time folks, be sure to share this information with your friends.
There are so many people out there that are looking for natural ways to reduce allergies.
Subscribe to the video, give the video a thumbs up, and then check out my other videos that
are going to help you increase your health and overall well being.
I'll see you in the next video.
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How To Stop Allergies Fast | Scientifically Proven To Work

31 Folder Collection
seedxiang published on December 8, 2018
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