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So stay with us
because later this afternoon,

we're lucky enough
to be talking to Anna Scott,

Hollywood's biggest star by far.
Miss Scott's latest film
is once again topping the charts.

Of course l've seen her films...
and always thought
she was, well, fabulous.

But, you know, a million, million miles
from the world l live in...

which is here, Notting Hill,
my favourite bit of London.

There's the market on weekdays selling
every fruit and vegetable known to man.

Rock-hard bananas,
five for a pound !

The tattoo parlour
with a guy outside who got drunk...

and now can't remember
why he chose "I love Ken."

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Notting Hill Official Trailer #2 - (1999) HD

115 Folder Collection
IreneLeung published on December 5, 2018
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