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Hi, players! This is John Boyega and this is SWBF II.
Whether dominating the multiplayer battlefront as Kylo Ren,
leading your squadron through thrilling dogfights in space,
stepping into the boots of Iden Versio in a new single-player campaign,
or mastering your skills in split-screen arcade,
this is a Star Wars experience like none other,
with greater depth and progression than ever before.
SWBF II has nearly tripled the number of locations,
heroes, and vehicles as its predecessor.
It all starts with the battlefront.
Yavin IV,
Starkiller Base,
and many more.
Over 14 locations to explore across all 3 Star Wars eras.
SWBF II introduces Class Gameplay.
Choose from the Assault, Heavy, Specialist, and Officer classes,
each with unique abilities, weapons,
and weapons attachments to give you an edge in battle.
Rebels closing!
But it's not all about the power of the individual.
The better you play with your team,
the more Battle Points you'll earn to call in powerful reinforcements
such as flametroopers or wookiees,
and a wide range of vehicles, both on the ground and in the air.
Battle Points are also key to bringing iconic Star Wars heroes into battle,
from Darth Maul, Boba Fett, and Rey. -You want to fight?
Each hero has unique abilities for you to customize and master.
Choose the right moment to call in your hero and turn the tide.
And last but not least, we have Starfighters.
Just like Troopers, each Starfighter has a class.
And just like Battle Points bring your favorite heroes into battle,
they can also bring in your favorite hero ships,
including the iconic Millennium Falcon,
all with unique handling and upgradable abilities.
The Star Cards system has been completely rebuilt.
These powerful collectibles exist for everything you can spawn in as,
be it a Trooper,
a vehicle,
or hero.
You can find them in crates or craft and upgrade them using parts.
The rarer tier of card, the more powerful its effect in battle.
Signature's locked!
Choose the right Star Card for the right situation and get ready to fight.
SWBF II contains 5 different multiplayer modes.
Blast: fast-paced, close quarters combat.
Strike: strategic, objective-based battles.
Look sharp!
Heroes vs. Villains: where iconic Star Wars characters go head to head.
Starfighter Assault: For the Republic!
intense dogfights across high atmosphere and space.
And Galactic Assault: epic 20 vs. 20 all-out warfare.
Not ready for multiplayer yet? No problem.
Perfect your skills and try out all your abilities offline.
Play split-screen co-op, versus, or solo and earn awards.
SWBF II single-player campaign debuts an untold story...
The Empreror is dead.
...helping bridge the events of The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
So, what happens now? We retaliate, Commander.
As Iden Versio, Special Forces soldier is equally needful on the ground
as she is in space, you fight for the future of the Empire,
in a galaxy breaking apart.
With a few familiar faces along the way,
it's up to you to rise as a new Star Wars hero.
SWBF II is a massive world and it's only getting bigger.
The live service that continues to evolve and grow
bringing new locations, challenges, and characters, such as Finn of course,
and Captain Phasma, into the fray.
Heroes are born on the battlefront.
This holiday, jump in with me. Begin your journey.
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This is Star Wars Battlefront II

108 Folder Collection
wei published on December 5, 2018
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