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  • Hello, I am Rian.

  • Hello, I am Carl.

  • Welcome to Hot English Classroom.

  • Carl , do you enjoy eating seafood?

  • Of course, unless you're allergic to seafood,

  • I don't think anyone would hate seafood.

  • I love it too, especially taking a tour of the lagoon on a boat

  • and eating grilled oysters.

  • A boat tour of the lagoon?

  • Where would you be able to do that?

  • Tainan's Cigu District.

  • There are a lot of similar activities there.

  • Cigu?

  • That's right! You can also go buy seafood at Sangu.

  • Is Sangu next to Cigu?

  • Oh, my bad! Sangu is a neighborhood in Cigu District.

  • There is a street renowned for its seafood.

  • Lots of people go buy fresh seafood to bring home.

  • Oh, I can't really cook.

  • That's ok .

  • You could also go eat the freshest seafood at the local restaurants!

  • I think that suits me better!

  • Milkfish, shrimps, giant groupers,

  • red tipped clams, crabs,

  • and cuttlefish.

  • Wow, I'm drooling just thinking about it!

  • How can one person possibly finish all of that?

  • That's why seafood tastes better when shared!

  • I guess you're right.

  • Are there any other fun places in Cigu?

  • Cigu's salt mountain is very interesting,

  • and it's suitable for children.

  • How so?

  • There are fun recreational facilities and DIYs.

  • It sounds like there isn't only seafood in Cigu.

  • Of course! The community is also very picturesque.

  • It's a very authentic fishing village.

  • Ok! Let's review today's vocabulary!

  • Let's review!

  • Have you remembered them all?

  • I've got them all remembered.

  • See you next time onHot English Classroom”!

  • The grand finale activity in Sigang's incense event

Hello, I am Rian.

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