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Friends, loved ones, I've gathered you all here to tell you something important.
You see I... I...
Just spit it out!
Yeah, Mickey. You're amongst friends.
You can tell us anything.
Yeah, Mick. Tell us!
So, uh, you know how it's my birthday tomorrow?
And you know how much I like my birthday.
Maybe we could skip the surprise party this year?
Skip the surprise party.
Can we please skip the surprise party?
Gosh, Mick.
We thought you loved your surprise party.
Uh... I wouldn't say love.
You might say traumatized.
Or terrified.
But love, yeah, I think not.
I know my surprise party is your way of showing how much you care.
But how about we do something small?
Like, um... A birthday cake.
That's a great idea!
I believe the correct pronuncification is "burfday."
So, you guys promise?
No surprises?
You're the birthday boy. Absolutely.
Oh, boy! This is gonna be the best birthday ever!
My birthday!
No surprises.
Who's ready to see Mickey's birthday cake?
Oh, no. You call that a cake?
This is no "happy" birthday cake!
I need a cake that shows Mickey how much he means to us.
Something big!
Not just big. Really, really big.
Not just really, really big.
Really, really, really big!
Not just really, really, really big.
Really, really, really...
Oh, Donald. The surprise-free birthday boy is ready for his cake.
That's odd. The party was here last year.
Well, I figured the party would be down here 'cause... Guys?
Where is everybody?
Yoo-hoo! Anyone?
Golly, it's almost as if everybody's off planning my...
Surprise party!
We did it!
What's everyone standing around for?
At this rate, we'll never make a cake big enough for Mickey!
Looks pretty big to me.
Bigger! Bigger!
You! Me?
Make cake bigger!
Now see here. You can't simply...
Oh, they're out there somewhere.
Waiting to surprise me.
Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.
They could be here! They could be there!
They could be... Everywhere!
Just get it over with already!
Traumatized, terrified,
horrified, paralyzed!
Help! Goofy!
No more surprises! I can't take any more surprises!
Hey, pal.
I know you're scared, and you just want to curl into a ball and hide,
but your friends need your help.
So, it's time to surprise yourself and go save your friends!
You're right, I mean, I'm right.
I'm coming, Goofy!
Hey, Mick. You running from those giant, deadly candles, too?
Quick, guys. We're going down.
We gotta lose some weight.
Hang in there, Minnie!
Minnie. Oh...
I wish there was some way to get through to her.
Wish! That's it!
My birthday wish!
Minnie, if you can hear me, I just want you to know it isn't the size of the cake that matters, but the size of the heart that bakes it.
The size of the heart.
It isn't the size of the cake that matters.
It's the size of the heart that bakes it!
I got you, Minnie! I got you!
Oh, Mickey!
Oh, Mickey.
I guess our cake turned out to be a big surprise after all.
Well, it sure was...
Surprisingly delicious.
Happy birthday, dear Mickey.
Happy birthday to you.
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Surprise! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

5157 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on January 31, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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