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I was going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on a PC sim and do a
couple missions see I guess we'll take a
look at this worst thing comes the worst
if I have no idea what I'm doing I'll
just delete the mission well we'll try
it out
upgrade RAM it's easy also easy - what
do we got we we have to pay rent then
one of these is due by Wednesday so it's
got the deadline you need some RAM and
it's about it it's pretty easy to tease
got four so he just needs one this is it
it's 40 bucks it's easy we'll do it next
day upgrade graphics card he's got a
1050 so what I learned from the last
thing that somehow a 1050 is a worse
than a 980 I think it depends on which
one hmm I often want to drop 500 for
this thing she's not paying us that much
I don't think
yeah no no or the mone sure if I gave
him his door back all right so what do
we have to do we have to look at this
other guy he needs a CPU and RAM and
then we just have to skip to the next
day and get our parts what I'm not doing
that graphics card thing because like
let's say that is the one we need to buy
that's $500 he's giving us 200
definitely not worth it don't think
worth it if we have like a used one
laying around but even then you might
get more for selling it this blowing
dust thing is so weird
like just eventually starts happening
and everything all right CPU RAM which
RAM is yeah if he is on I was like
little dumb to stick things
all right that's simple about this a3
all right memory What did he say
once he wants for even oh one of those
super you got this alright we're cutting
it close for this guy he doesn't have a
deadline now so we're all right doing
this let's get this other guy ready I'm
just gonna go to sleep and I could turn
this off really save us some money cuz
we do have to pay that rent and so we're
technically down five hundred I just
haven't made it that is since want to go
to four you know but I've been looking
for some other sims to play um because
this one's kind of getting a little slow
like I still all still play it obviously
what it's like we're doing the same
thing a little too much there's not like
enough of variety and missions for us
yet like I mean that's okay but after
editing and stuff every mission seems to
be the same all right our test there is
done let's take this throw it out the
yeah I mean sell it back to the man
getting some money
it's done guys crap has to show up is it
all right off the lights in the computer
cuz I got to skip a bunch of days and
then that adds up
oh good both things show up at the same
time sometimes it'll be like different
days and I'll be annoying good
eventually we could start upgrading this
place we just have to get a little bit
more as like this is weird money
situation we don't know we've been doing
a lot of missions but we don't really
have money mostly cuz there are couple
missions that I screwed up but I don't
any of you guys saw the Avengers or New
Avengers I'm gonna see that basically
after I'm done filming this I've never
really been a fan of those movies the
avengers ones always seem like a little
too cheesy to me superhero movies in
general kind of just got like stale to
me I like some of them and some of them
look interesting like venom looks pretty
cool but it's not really a superhero
it's more like a antihero or whatever
you want to call it I like the Punisher
on Netflix but that's not even a
superhero really it's like a I mean it
kind of is but that's more like a Gris
man hey I want to do another graphics
card one gonna send 60 new coolers when
we get some more processors at the next
level we'd submit this crap it's cool
upgrade this guy's Ram
well if he's got four then he has the
two and that's pretty simple so we'll
order that there's only one possible way
you could have four Bram this guy wants
a new PC that's cool I wonder if we have
to like do the entire thing wow it's
actually a cool job we'll save that for
next episode because that's probably
gonna take a while
I like think that's cool though we have
like a budget and we gonna build it to
certain specs that's alright
I like that boot that off and of
annoying that we got to do that but
whatever there's a one day job what okay
well our RAM it's lost in the mail then
because I just ordered it but I didn't
think this guy was going to have a
ridiculous request of same day so it's
20 bucks oh no I never ordered it even
better same day it's what it turned
twenty dollars into a almost two hundred
dollars Jesus Christ least were getting
he's given us like 200 bucks for two
gigabytes of RAM that's easy pal rode on
we got to run this benchmark thing and
we'll be out of here I forgot the petite
USB and obviously I wonder if you do
like the auto cable tool if it throws
that in there doubt it benchmark Widow
laughs if the company that makes all the
software that you put on these people's
computers gives us like a fine for
spreading their software and we don't
have like a license to give it out like
that I'll laugh over get it with like a
$250,000 fine for like piracy this is
just one like serial number of it just
going around alright our benchmark is
done this guy keep the software because
I don't care and it's already too late
so if we do get hit with a fine sup man
which I doubt we will because it's
complicated to add into a game alright
so next time you just did next time
we're gonna do this upgrade or another's
upgrade but this whole build he's paying
us 950 bucks we have to spend less than
750 technically we could just dip into
the pay but we'll see what happens
anyways we're gonna wrap it up here if
you guys have any ideas for other
simulators to play because I I'd be down
for some like Euro Truck Simulator or
something if it goes on sale I'd get
that I do have farming simulator we
could mess with that otherwise yeah so
for this one guys thanks for
watching seal next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 11

18 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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