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it what's going on everybody would red rhino
music here bringing you another video
they were back on some PC building
simulator we're gonna continue right
from where we left off the last episode
and I think we got a couple of missions
here this one's old we already did all
right it just seems like a bunch of well
these two seem like diagnose and fix
things some won't do that and we'll also
take this guy's graphics and RAM
replacement I'm getting paid decently
for the for the replacement mission but
I assume we kind of have to alright
let's go ahead and turn that off save us
some money hopefully and we'll do the
diagnosed ones first I don't think we
have a deadline for any of these so I
think we're gonna be all right okay
well it's not powering on so I assume
it's our power supply we pick it up and
put it down so we could just unplug it
quick I assume it is that the hell's
that I've never seen a dust filter like
that on the bottom this game at least
let me see what that thing is called
it's the 250 what why is that not broken
huh perhaps it's the motherboard let's
just take everything out and see what
I wonder if I could take the motherboard
out without taking the RAM out
unfortunately not
also just tell you what's broken like
before you take it out Rams good
motherboards broken
make sure it's the only thing yeah I
don't order one if it's this thing we
don't have that many to pick from so
next day we're gonna go ahead and take a
look at these other ones just order
everything for next day wonder if it's a
better idea if I just order everything
at the same time rather than buying it
like they feel like it would make the
shipping cost less and save us more
money all right so they need eight
gigabyte of the red and they need a 1050
TI memory when I feel like we're not
getting Elliot they're the one that's
paying us a lot we're good
I feel like I should take advantage of
not having deadlines for these and like
save the money on the shipping but I'd
rather just like get it done ain't all
this things covered in dust that might
be alone the damn problem just get all
that out of there come on it's annoying
cuz from the side that looks like dust
so I just kept trying to spray it all
right what did I just remove from this I
don't think I removes anything I got to
sport it powering on all right yeah we
have power so it's not in the power
supply believe it's the CPU and if it
isn't it's the entire motherboard why am
I taking this out already
stall 30 well I could just give him back
am I allowed to do that I mean what
would be the benefit of having used
parts like why would they even or is it
the fan that's broken perhaps we have
more issues at hand it might not just be
one thing when we gotta get I have a
cooler than one for this walks out
go to work get our loop well it soon
happens if we throw this in alright
there's everything we just saved a ton
of money cuz we've just used an extra
part that we've had that's awesome
we're getting slick now let's get rid of
that know that we need to keep that I
almost sold it because I was confused on
why it was there remembered we still
have like a ton of stuff from other
people all right
the graphics card guy graphics card I've
been looking into some other simulator
games that are coming out pretty soon so
I'm gonna try to look into those and get
my hands on some
so I would say this is probably my main
thing to do on this game or not on this
game on this channel is sim games even
project cars when I play that it's still
kind of a simulation game it's not like
this style and but it's like a
simulation racing game but I've been
looking at a bus driving simulator that
actually looks pretty awesome
I have farming simulator but I'm looking
at the new one that's supposed to be
coming out stuff like that though I feel
like I might have to stream it some of
those the missions take a while and
farming simulator has no missions like
it just goes until you done all right
what am I looking at here
we need this only that sometimes it puts
it in the PC parts section and then
sometimes it puts it in this other thing
I assume it's like what you have out of
his computer O's and PC parts and what's
new goes in whatever but you don't leave
all it also wish it was a fast way to
put in RAM install processor feel like
we just worked on this guy's computer
too didn't we
I remember the Bruce Lee or Vayne
whatever at the top
excuse my heat turning on as well it's
been cold for the past few days which is
obnoxious because it was hot for a
couple days a week ago
well not hot but warm
all right this one's good I think that's
everything stop walking into walls I
don't know why I keep doing it
mm why is this here incomplete case what
do I forget
why don't I forget out of this did I put
the wrong door on it
the back is there ah the stupid thing
all right
I always forget that my last uh PC case
didn't have that part I don't think so I
took out the graphics got a bunch of
now what's not plugged in now but my new
case why why do I have to plug it what I
have to test it again why would it be
plugged in I'm shipping it Hey see what
the hell is that guess we gotta turn it
on anyway all right now get out of my
office all right well now I had over a
thousand dollars I feel like we've got
some fees coming up let's shop real
quick see how much these things are we
have even more tools now this part
ranking thing would help me a lot
actually for those uh upgrade missions
do I want to drop the money for this
auto-connect tool though it's not that
big of a deal no we're not doing it
ain't here comes this guy with his spam
emails again new parts piece of crap
alright we're probably gonna wrap it up
here hopefully you guys enjoyed this
episode I'm enjoying playing this game
if you'd like to seeing the series hit
that like button below and let me know
in the comments on some things I could
do next maybe we could do another free
build episode and if you haven't already
please hit that subscribe button below
so you get notified for when I upload
new videos and that's about it thanks
for watching guys see y'all next time
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 9 - We're Debt Free!

10 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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