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I was going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on some PC building sim
and we got two pretty similar missions
going on here
they're both diagnosed and fixed
missions so we're gonna take these two
this other one has a deadline so we're
gonna have to do that one first let's go
ahead and shut this thing off save some
there's no my hopes and dreams of
getting that auto-connect tool or pretty
much down the drain we're just
struggling to get a profit going here go
ahead and throw those lights on oh that
thing on like that color scheme this
guy's got some custom cables going on
you know I should have just yeah we're
gonna plug it in and then we're gonna
find out and I do see that these cables
are like half invisible okay there we go
okay well we have no power so that's one
of two things almost my keyboard is
broken let's see oh we have no power all
well the first thing we're gonna check
is the power supply normally I think
you'd still get power to like the case
and everything right can I sneak of this
out I'm gonna have to take off the back
I want to see if I can sneak it out
having to take it all apart but
unfortunately that's not the case and
they want to make us have as much work
as possible and that would be it an 850
so we'll get them an 850 and good thing
that doesn't cost much but that may not
be the only problem so we're gonna order
this thing and see what happens while it
does it cost more than I was thinking I
feel like it's definitely more than this
this is too easy I'm like violently
plugging everything in so I put that all
works out that is everything for that
too bad we don't have this auto-connect
tool because we could just do this right
now I wonder if that works for
everything in it or if it's just these
like four rear plugs alright
well that was it well I shouldn't have
the computer on you're doing something
like this but oh well I wouldn't even be
moving the thing around like this if it
was real life I'll just sketch me out
all right that's that it's very easy oh
let's get that out of here does a
deadline some sort of cooling crap see
what's wrong with this one besides all
of this dust Jesus Christ clean your
computer I still hate how this dust
thing works like it doesn't do anything
unless you like really move the mouse
around but then I also feel like that
doesn't do anything either come on
he like doesn't want to be cleaned oh
yeah I don't even get it this dusty I
haven't really dusted my piece again it
has like nothing on it I don't use it
often but I mean I don't use it as my
main computer but I still use it can't
guess we can't do any of that stuff
wallets they are keeping dust in it
really hope I get that power supply
without having to open it all right I
believe that's everything now we're
gonna have to pulling it all back in and
see what happens when we try to turn it
on all right this weird cable thing
that's bothering me even though it
doesn't have any effect on anything all
right well it turns on no display that
graphics card is dead oh I assume
stupid PCI lock
what is it lock what does it do
somebody tell me cuz I don't understand
the purpose I took mine off the other
day I'm not the other day a couple weeks
ago on my PC was being all weird
I took mine off and I do not see the
need for it to ninety like you can still
take the I mean it's harder but you
could still take it off or like if a
little screw thing sort of graphics card
off yeah hopefully that's the right one
alright screw the thing we don't have a
deadline for this guy we're gonna turn
this off I'm off the lights I'm gonna
skip ahead alright so we have our
graphics card
don't play that's the only problem and
that seems to be it I just got to pull
this crap back on it starting with our
best friend the lock like I don't know
if this one's better made than mine but
mine I can still see these screws that
are in here like these you see them a
little bit those on my PC you can still
like access it's just not as easy so
like I don't understand the purpose like
if it secured the graphics card better
that's like as far as like actually like
sitting in there than sure but it
doesn't it just stops you from getting
to these little screws which don't do
anything and you're not gonna like take
them out randomly it's to like prevent
theft and graphics cards but I just took
this guy's stupid job I guess we'll do
one more what did I just do
get outta my way no I hate those alright
this man's PC is here I'm diggin this
colorway of the NZXT actually even
though I don't like red on black I think
it's like too normal
I also don't understand why he has bone
cables they didn't have blue cables this
could be like a Ferrari or something a
Ferrari colorway there's a yellow fan
red in the black alright once again we
have no power so I assume that would be
our power supply pull all of these
annoying cables that are a mess what is
this looks like a damn bowl of spaghetti
down here what a disaster 550 top power
supply alright let's skip one day we got
the rent to pay after we do this guy's
build here install we're gonna throw
this thing on here now before I forget
connect all this it's kind of annoying
to click from back here plus all of
these other cables are blocking this
this is really annoying actually every
time I try to connect something it's
always blocked by something else power
still nothing and this thing's beat up
all right well as far as I can tell now
the graphics card because there's no
display I don't remember seeing a little
like startup light there so let's take
this out with our good friend PCI lock
yes soon that's it all right we need a
1060 gaming X +6 of G don't they like a
reference number be nice
at least that's alright here I found it
that better be it just do next day call
it a all the day on that here and that
we do have to pay that rent stall I'm
gonna be really mad if it's something
else to like it's the whole CPU and
everything is dead and we got to take
everything apart
don't be so mad I think we're good thank
good lord
powered now what son oh this goddamn
stupid lock this is why I hate it just
come on
yes see what I mean
this is my case that I have and you can
still get to these like what what is the
point of this what is that stopping like
I'm pretty sure in real life I forgot to
take it off as well and I still is able
to get my graphics card out and then I
took the thing off either rant shut up
collect my ethics card and I think a
power supply or humming anyways that's
it for this one we're gonna wrap this up
here we're making some money I think we
made a what do we start at about a
thousand flat in the beginning of this
episode I made four hundred something
bucks it's not bad anyways that's it for
this one guys thanks for watching see
y'all next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 18

11 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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