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it was going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
say we're back on some PC building
simulator we're gonna check out a couple
missions here this middle mission sounds
interesting to me actually because we
have to just build a guy like a computer
to write his blog on or whatever and we
have a minimum or I mean uh we have a
maximum budget of five hundred so we got
a building a weird thing at a really low
price point I think that's gonna be a
cool mission so let's take that and this
guy needs to play some Sid Meier's suit
six or whatever Roman numeral this one I
suppose we could do but it's gonna end
up costing us just because we're gonna
have to do fast shipping so it's we're
gonna have to spend a lot on shipping
we're gonna shut that off when I shut
that off we're gonna save some dollar
let's end and we need to wait for that
guy to send his computer in hoping he
has like a bad processor so we'd have to
buy him something crazy ones they need
RAM and a processor go ahead and unplug
this thing can't rise in three so just
go to the five and Here I am I taking
this out
21:33 two gigabyte I don't know if I
mentioned this last episode of this game
but I am upgrading my PC in real life a
little bit well it's kind of like a
major upgrade but nothing crazy like I'm
not balling but uh this is what he has
the black one in there I thought it was
the green one for some reason but I'm
debating if I want to do like a video of
basically PC building simulator IRL I'm
thinking about it I don't know if I want
to do
but possibly let me know if that's
something you want to see what's this
guy paying us five fifty we're at nine B
you know we're also gonna have to do
same-day I think we could do next day
come on over there we might use that
horizon 3 for that guy's blogging
computer it's nothing crazy you don't
really need anything crazy where's this
thermal paste I think that might be a
good move
you know before I put this cooler in and
in case it blocks something I'm gonna go
ahead and throw these sticks of RAM in
that's something cooler some cables
don't want that auto-connect tool but
we're not at that budget yet
it's weird cuz all those like fancy
tools are really like luxury items in
this game like there's a bunch of
different tools for different things and
they're all like to brand alright that's
done now I just got to do some builds
let's get this thing out of here before
I forget to send it all right let's work
on this man's blogging computer the
first thing we're gonna look for is a
case he doesn't need anything special
especially for blogging it doesn't even
need a window do they have something
that's nothing I have a window there's a
little piece of crap right here that's
not bad cheapest one no you know what we
can go with the cheapest one
because I want to reuse that Rison chip
you know any other requests it's just
that I feel like we have some RAM that
we don't have like doing anything which
we could check that somehow that's what
I'm saying I wish it was like an
inventory there isn't though storage 500
will be fair you know we're gonna go
with that other one just because it's
faster doesn't really matter for me but
we're gonna do it anyway power supply of
550 should do fine see I don't
understand though so we don't need like
a quite a fix card like these I mean
some of these suck but we don't need
like something high-end be there we'll
go with a 4 gigabyte what else do we
need I don't like that way I still don't
like that we can't get stock coolers
with this with this stuff we do have
that cooler though already so we're not
gonna bother I assume we're gonna manage
with the RAM and the other thing so
let's just go and buy this do the next
day we'll take the hit they are using
used parts then this guy's build well it
run why is it not there
well I guess it's going off the C
alright recommended eight six twelve
alright that's our eight and it wanted
the 6700 no does that mean we actually
have to use the 6700 if the 16 hundreds
cheaper I'm on to that okay let's take a
look 1600 - 260 no 67 under cheaper why
this scrolling us back up tannoy
all right so it means we need a sky like
deal cheap one storage guess we could
just get him whatever Kate it doesn't
really matter no with this right fix
cards what's gonna make the difference
this is 980 I just said a six gigabyte
one or something then it we could just
do that and we're coming in with an
extra two hundred dollars on top of that
so we're good let's order that up I
believe I got everything hopefully we'll
find out once we fail go ahead and shut
this off cuz we're gonna have some days
to skip I'll get back to you guys once
everything's here alright this one guys
build showed up
I forgot I did next day on it this will
get started on that but this is the only
case in this game without a window on it
no it's not even that bad either this is
a clean interior for not having a window
try and throw this in there pop that
little thing open get this risin three
when I get this man for ramp that's
right we're gonna see if we have one two
gigabytes that kind of sucks but
whatever useful we'll see if that does
it for them but take this thing did I
ever put that thermal paste on I don't
think I did I guess my second-guessing
myself is come in handy now that time I
actually did forget it
what graphics card is this that's right
we did get him one completely forgot
what did I just take out of here would I
just accidentally took off the front
panel trying to take off these things
there's no bolt just sits there
strange oh there they are
what a weird case it's like a straight
up door for that thing and how the hell
the cables get in the bottom is it look
this little thing here goes all the way
back very strange
there's a hard drive going here why is
the light on no you're gonna plug did
feel like this PC case is bugged but
nobody knows cuz nobody wants it this
guy said he doesn't need anything
special you just write a blog so he's
not getting anything special well this
case is kind of special because it's so
weird so who knows to go ahead and wire
everything I think we're done
it's just wiring now a little fan check
the motherboard up there wise I spend
less than five hundred dollars thing's
still red we definitely spent less than
five hundred once he's mad that he's
getting used stuff you'll want to budget
war on a budget it's just cuz it's still
open how do we spend five eighty we used
oh my god if it's gonna count our used
parts I'm gonna be so mad cuz that's
like the cheapest Rison we could get I
mean the massive golfer that other thing
instead we might have to get even
crappier of a graphics card which is
tough to do it's like it was the worst
one there is okay
what were we ant we're a fight we need
to cut $30 we could change the process
so it's ten dollars could have won one
of these and I didn't bother cuz I was
like oh whatever we have that other ones
sitting around I feel like we might have
to do that now which means we're
answered by a motherboard as well wonder
if the shipping made a difference all
right let's try this out hopefully this
works from this one it was budget you
getting budget when do three to five
just in case shipping does count and
take everything back out I'll get back
to you guys once that stuff is here I
have our new stuff as well as there's
other guys stuff so let's get this going
I'm mad that it counted our used parts
that we were taking from other computers
as the value like it goes off of value
rather than whatever and that's really
annoying actually realistically I think
we only spent $300 or something like
now we ended up spending even more
because we have to build him a second
computer see how are we already at three
hundred and twenty dollars for 60 that's
cutting it close everything else is
still in there as far as hard driving
only I think we've just made it but
we're cutting it close
I hate that wire thing that's so dumped
look just cut a little hole right at the
bottom of where a graphics card would be
what come on
things it's everything there's always a
little bump in the road when we're
building these things well of course
there's no operating system install him
and turned it on it we're low on that
cash we've spent a ton of money on that
other guy's PC well a ton but a thousand
else whatever this guy's thing cause
here lease it's done now email blog I
mean like you know I got this one to
build and then we're out of here
hopefully this one goes easy there's no
like minimums or anything like that
so just work and sell all of this crap
and not all of it but we don't need this
motherboard looks so weird I guess this
is what like an SAT X is like I don't
all that stuff but it's like extra
skinny I was like I have a simple look
basically this case as I always say in
all these videos it's probably annoying
and I'm gonna stop
but my motherboard pretty much goes
right up to this little bar so like
short it looks weird
I also wonder if it matters what slots
we put this RAM in like in real life it
depend but the game doesn't seem to care
ruler will go with this one just to get
it out of here okay that doesn't even
fit so we're not gonna go with that one
that thing is massive oh my god
Corsa probably took the thermal paste
alright that's much better another thing
did not fit I was staying out like into
the open of the room then I got to put
in the hard drives and the powers of
Hawaiian I think that's everything
get some storage get this thing of
course that dumb little bracket just
running our cables and then we'll be out
of here
I put on the back now was it saying in
complete case oh of course of course
alright this disaster install and then
we're done
tis done like we made like five hundred
bucks doing these missions today that's
not that bad
that's when the parts graphics card
couldn't care less some more I don't
know what the hell that is it's like a
power supply or something
and some RAM all right that's it for
this one guys if you like seeing PC
building simulator on here we're going
on an episode what 25 now we're cooking
this game we're going we're milking this
game for the content uh uh I just enjoy
this game it's interesting PCs are cool
like that every missions like kind of
the same but a little different every
time and we get that free build stuff
too sometimes but yeah if you want to
see some more that's on the channel hit
that like button below and let me know
in the comments and if you're not
already hit that subscribe button as
well and yeah thanks for watching guys
see y'all next time
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Ep. 25

13 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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