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Human advancement knows no boundary.
But this has not been without its price.
Though we stand at the height of prosperity…
We need only look to the past to remember…
...That Nature is a power that cannot be ignored.
Consuming even the mightiest empires…
And causing the greatest among us
... to tremble in her fury.
Yet from adversity the human spirit endures…
Finding ways to coexist with the Earth…
Or bend it to our cause.
Pursuing a course beyond distant horizons...
and revealing paths…
...both towards innovation..
And unintended catastrophe.
Our survival necessitates new solutions to old problems.
To ensure a future both for ourselves and generations to come…
United in purpose, we must now look beyond borders.
And welcome the dawn of the next era in human civilization.
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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Announce Trailer (NEW EXPANSION)

144 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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