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  • Faith and Religion are one of your paths to victory in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

  • Faith is the resource used to found and enhance a religion, patronize Great People, purchase buildings and acquire religious units.

  • Faith is generated by building a Holy Site, social policies, and through access to natural wonders.

  • At the start of the game, you'll start earning faith.

  • Soon, you'll be prompted to found a Pantheon – a starting belief that will lead toward founding a Religion.

  • A Pantheon belief can provide many different advantages, so pick one that directly benefits your early empire.

  • For example, if your city is next to ocean resources, the God of the Sea Pantheon will give bonus production to those worked by fishing boats.

  • Great Prophets are used to found major religions. You can earn Great Prophet points through social policies and by building Holy Sites.

  • When founding a Religion, you may pick one Follower Belief that benefits all cites in which your religion is dominant, and one Founder Belief, which primarily benefits your civilization.

  • You can also choose the ability to build special religious buildings on your Holy Site.

  • The total number of religions founded are limited so only civilizations that push early for a Prophet will found a religion.

  • Religion emanates naturally from converted cites, but to really spread you'll need Missionaries and Apostles which you can acquire with Faith.

  • Missionaries are the first religious units you'll get. They have a limited number of charges, which they use to promote their religion near another city.

  • You'll need a Shrine in your Holy Site in order to recruit them with Faith.

  • Apostles are your most powerful religious units, and require a Temple. Each Apostle gets access to a special set of promotions.

  • Apostles can also be used to evangelize your beliefs, adding a new ability to the religion.

  • Have an invading army of Missionaries converting your cites? Have an Apostle launch an inquisition!

  • Inquisitors are inexpensive units that can remove competing religions from your cities, as well as engage in Theological Conflict with other Missionaries, Apostles, and Inquisitors.

  • Theological Conflict is a new feature that changes the theological landscape in broad new ways.

  • Apostles can attack other religious units to keep them from spreading their religion, and if a unit is defeated it affects every city within 10 tiles, while promoting the opposing religion.

  • Some Apostles can even generate Relics from defeat with the Martyr ability.

  • Certain wonders also benefit your religion.

  • Stonehenge, the first Wonder in the game, grants a free Great Prophet and allows you to establish a religion without having a Holy Site.

  • The Mahabodhi Temple grants 2 free apostles, and the Hagia Sophia gives all religious units an extra spread charge.

  • Mont St. Michel gives all Apostles the Martyr promotion.

  • A religious victory is achieved when more than half of all cities in the worlds' civilizations follow your religion.

  • The best way to achieve this is by creating Missionaries and Apostles and sending them to cities and civilizations that didn't start a religion of their own.

  • You can also send Apostles promoted with the Proselytizer ability to convert other nations' Holy Cities.

  • This will upset their leaders, so be prepared to deal with the diplomatic consequences.

  • >Go forth and spread your good word in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


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