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Hey everyone it's WoTheWolf of NerdMake here for the week of Feb 5th, 2017 with this weeks
new releases.
While its not a busy week we do still have some great games to look forward to!
First on the list we've got Touhou Genso Wanderer hitting the PS4 and Vita on Febuary 7th.
In this roguelike RPG, you will take control of Reimu, the He- Hakurei Shrine Maiden, to
investigate the latest incident to take place in the world of Gensokyo.
Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of characters from the Touhou Project universe,
discover mountains of loot - each piece of which is valuable thanks to the game's item
fusion system - and test your mettle with your favorite Touhou girl in tow as your adventuring
Then later in the week we've got Nioh for the PS4 coming out for the PS4.
In Nioh, players will traverse war-torn Japan as William, a blonde-haired swordsman whose
background as a fierce warrior and seasoned knowledge of the blade allows him to survive
in the demon-plagued land of the samurai.
Known as Yokai, these demons inhabit a number of dangerous locations and lie in wait in
the shadows to ambush unsuspecting victims.
Players will also face off with other samurai in supernatural sword battles and intense,
multi-target engagements offering a level of difficulty that will truly test even the
most hardened samurai's skills, patience, and strategy.
Offering a deep and original storyline that takes place during the Warring States Period
of Japanese history alongside strategic sword-fighting action, Nioh will challenge players in a way
that makes every mission and accomplishment feel earned and worthwhile.
That's all for this week but stick around and subscribe if you want to see more.
If you liked what you see make sure to drop us a comment down below and tell us your thoughts
on this weeks games.
Are you excited or interested in any?
We'd love to hear your thoughts.
I'm WoTheWolf of NerdMake signing off, stay Nerdy.
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Nioh and Touhou Genso Wanderer ! - New Releases

43 Folder Collection
wei published on December 2, 2018
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