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Let's play Rome 2 Total war, Rome 2, rome 2 first impressions, rome 2 ending, rome 2 cheats, rome 2 DLC, rome 2 for free, rome 2 giveaway, rome 2 let's play, Total War: Rome 2 - First impressions - First Battle with Sparta
to wrong to you total war i've been waiting for this
so long and I can finally play it let's play the campaign
and disagree or game again the resets so
I thought of playing with Sparta as I blame it on like
every single family the wrong one someone go for Sparta
don't really want to play would Germanic tribes or
the Britannic tribes or even the
successor kingdoms right
there are a lot of drugs your party a on to say guessing like even more
every single with a great States and go with Sparta
I can actually choose one of these by the angle for Sparta
some initial challenges hard
drawn CZ
yes as you can see it's quite hard here on
sonic normal because the initial John challenges
White Hart and will start of 270 bc im
now you can see dr. um their specifications terrorist presentations
and such
the amber with their dish fierce independence
the started warriors other gonna go posterity in what from the Sri Lankans
yet less money in but white nurse
units I'm right let's
start a campaign I'm
the people %uh Vaqueros of foods
having utterly failed to conquer Rome make rollback and presumed to conquer
to try is not to win
they will know this when you meet them in battle market on may join you
but they are no better in the end Alexander's conquests
have left them with delusions of grandeur they will be checked
as well every other aggressive you may fare better working with Athens another
true Greek States but history has often told otherwise
ultimately trust only in Sparta
and you will prevail up
or isn't very nice blog yessum
objectives the complete
the control group you brian says hereby direct ownership or through class it's
I gets money im some
I A shows how much I will yet
so much I have all rights every unit right here
Paso i'm jonathan mann have three hot lights and one general
then they have five his ass subterfuge
expert Yesenia I am a spy national hit deer
a tense now none that I sent you can call
X don't know the girl just
skilled just on that and some all could come someone
horse or perhaps did rights is quite the massive map on a sled
some night stay there can did
while it's quite did syndrome
shattering laws in this map write some
national tried to capture it and Larisa yet
resell or I intense Mia
designer terrorists
user right wonders
didn't some different from from room one
years was a city year use the statue of
you know you remember what's his name's else was inside
whatever remind us all an army your
an Army Ana move some man
this army this panel is used to manually merge armies of fleets in order to
assemble the strongest possible force
click on the View nato chippy wish to move
then click on the check button to move it from yeah I
against death on just soem
on me
gonna kill them don't really have a big night for me but let me try to go
its signals to construct a proposal
double click on a faction from the list and then nap
agendas just fucking
where war on the ground that's winning a battle
isn't just about greater numbers the balance if units
and the generals ability rs5 malfeasance
let's check it out battle over 10 I'm
270 be seen in
so he has for hot lights I have been
tree of lights and treaty as it seems
light a hot lights
lights p.m. and then I also have 3 a.m.
jocelyn source so but looks a bit I should win this
they have some kind heart risk law
a supplement right during the point phase
you can secretly arranger units inside the deployment zone
before battle commences when you're ready to fight
click on the scroll button
cans amount to much sadly and ice
take time to explore the battle user interface
9 unit and yes when they're
alexander nude enemy reinforcements approaching
really school ready
I think guessing we'll be fighting against the the city and
the units right
as what's let's let's
to intercept them its
lets you hear is your average never seen a
none not unit like every damn it is generally his mountain
all the time missing just a simple %ah
like that awesome in general
you not from the royal family visited
wider range is so fucking small be there
mister 3 president
wholesome model mmm
up once run
movement speed button easy and instantly
increasingly phalanx me have done is a ship's
the men have to sit the phalanx the
min well certainly wasn't going on intercepts
I'm a bit more with mom
these are up lights so I should be able to you
maybe scrimmage them with now Democracy Monument reread closer
side you visiting from here
month matured
program on yes not mister
Lasker mission on them sign ready and waiting would
went well and
have no clue what's going on here chef yeah from
dinner on them uneasy alliance
so what the hell is going on here
likens they're fighting pretty well
general is under attack where
nevermind you know he'll be fine service
balance monthly felons
this interests general
reading needs more instantly on nice
you're running away a season so
full of dresses them
my it might be and to the show and a healthy
dismiss half-minute remaining on these guys some
are there barely damaged you warm and 10
runners and see how did and Johnson
lantern germans online
on your
discuss went on to hell
I guess can because there's and an ally for millions here
as the shield down
time the attorney general
is dead awesome
disk space stuff to seek Me everyone's ass
of lookin at
he just took a spear in the back doesn't your ok it is I Stevens
what the hell
all us
other thing for thats right the man the leverage want to have a felon sites
ready ready its brand names fighters wrote
my mom rush COD charge in
my sessions for the balance
are in the running away
and balance
one of the main the wavering do you mean veering
oh yeah entire unit was owned
I skirmish more them now
me on yea roth's Commission on the ice creams his ass off
some waiting sides why the hell are you
sleeping that made the wavering
ready where
now I say Roman commander an agreement
him inner follow us
out there waiting nevermind three
i general thank youthanks I'm
chase them down 10 years used all the time munition more
%uh when that's on the panel actually
and battle is Brunei's Val actually
arm they deployed more men
and a lot of us almost three
no I S in two-and-a-half times more
and killed three times less
yes that's amazing
not my man died actually of
home house me his ass
so these you gonna a retreat or something
for statistics just your captive since they don't get their mother is dead on
the silent if you have captured a settlement
what what do i get if i
enslaved them said the cat is the corners at the number neural the
our ID will help demure crime beyond 200
to me says admitted possession and getting this lace Lord
alright forgive me but I cannot
now I'm guessing a Athens is quite weak
attend I Amanda rights a very large
our meal sleep spread over to move units tax may not be able to fight is a single
now all right let's take up
i'd gallery am the stick a few laterz
and let some
the hell will it do the the L walence
let's introduce each cease to supplement
I'm up
but see technology this tables you to research the technology
that will give you an advantage over your rivals
to begin simply select the item you wish to research
there are no buildings required in order to do this although there are some
buildings that requires certain technologies
alright some logistics or I'll and
reclamation from
dirt 3
def not in total there are six of them management
tactics each earth economy in philosophy
construction when the call for civil um
u-turns and doesn't take too long yes
diplomacy we are at war at
good he is a its dominance
retorted the at Dean Sandler at work with de Paris
I'm Moss we're not actually
it's warranted with alarming all the rum
there from greta kristens
on was missions creat since
articled yeah holy crap
the Sox images actually a Hillier it's not a flat land like Enron
on one went awesome awesome among and my turn
forces provinces actions actions
yeah just signed a I'm this and for
for in finance min Christmas tax level
and I some that's the furnace I hope you enjoy the first look at
Rome do you'll there's still much more to be done you know I will
make a full let's play I'm guessing with a romance I'm wanna barbarians
if you want to tell me with watch they make a let's play please comment below
and and I said thanks for watching and I'll see you next time
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Total War: Rome 2 - First impressions - First Battle with Sparta

49 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on November 30, 2018
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