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- So, you're hip to the
culture and how people dance?

- Kinda, yeah, I think so.
- Alright, I don't know, usually
starts off with something

like that but then, you know,
you go up here, down there.

- I'm gonna say he's white.
My name is Bryant Pittman
and for a living I make music

and I design clothes.
- Black.
- In this social climate you can't
ask me questions like that.
Oh, okay.
- See, that's a very broad question.
- You want me to mock a white person?
- Hey, what are you doing?
Blah, blah, blah, like. (laughing)
That's how me and my friends kind of like-
- Well it says something that we think of
the white voice as the
standard voice, right?

- Standard white voice, there's
no standard white voice.

- [Bryant] Probably like
South American maybe.

- No.
- How do white people dance?
Somewhat of a lack of coordination.
Have you every seen Johnny Bravo?
- Just really quick?
Alright, I don't know, usually just
starts off with something
like that but then, you know,

you go up here, down there.
Just like, usually it's
like the back and forth.

- I'm gonna say he's white.
- Okay.
- How's it going?
- He's not white, I mean he has it in him,
but he's not predominantly white.
You know how people say a
mutt, that's how I see you as.

Like when you check the
box that's like other.

- Boom.
- He looks like he could
be in a Gap commercial.

What did you make for breakfast?
- Honey Bunches Of Oats.
- Captain Crunch, but not
the one with the berries,

just the normal Captain Crunch.
Are you allergic to jelly beans?
- No, I love jelly beans.
- Okay, I don't think he's white.
He passed the test, that was the question.
If you're allergic to jelly
beans, then you're white.

Do you like dancing?
- One, two,
side, side, back.
- She's not white.
What did you eat this morning?
- I actually, I grabbed a
coffee and then I had an apple.

- Do you like to cook?
- I love to cook.
- What do you cook?
- Yeah, I usually, I feel like
I cook a lot of Asian food.

- What kind of Asian food?
- I don't know, I do,
like, a lot with tofu.

- Okay, she's not white,
she's an exception.

- Because she knows how to cook.
- How's it going man?
- What's good with you, bro?
- Honestly, how you're standing right now,
reminds me of like black girls how,
like, they're double jointed.
Yeah, not white, not white.
This is bad!
You remind of, like,
people at Urban Outfitters.

Crossroads, and Buffalo Exchange.
You like strawberries?
- I do.
- You like blueberries?
- Yeah.
- You like pineapples?
- No, I don't like pineapple.
- Too acidic?
- Yeah.
It's, like, way to
acidic, it hurts my mouth.

- Like Captain Crunch, Captain Crunch,
it ruins the roof of your mouth.
- I don't think I've-
No, I've had Captain Crunch.
Yeah, I don't eat that a lot.
- Yeah, he's not white.
- Ooh, you're filthy.
I like her style.
You're not white.
I don't think you're white.
I think you're, you probably mixed.
I think you're mixed.
And then this is when I'll just
start feeling bad 'cause I'm

like, I look in her eyes and
I'm, like, don't beat me up.

- Well, I feel like I've
seen you before actually.

- Yeah, it's funny cause
I went into Pagliacci

once when you worked there
and I was wearing all black.

You do notice clothes and you said,
hey man you look like a poet.
I thought that was really flattering.
- That's really weird.
Yo, what is that movie called?
You remind me of Aladdin.
That's the closest I can get to it.
- I've heard that before.
- And he's not white.
I think you're brown and
you fly on magic carpets.

- No.
- I got it wrong.
Oh, and I got you wrong.
So, Disney World is not real.
It's a fake.
- Kind of, I'm not white,
but I'm half Japanese.

I'm half Japanese, half white,
but I'm fourth generation so.

- See, I didn't say that to you though,
so it doesn't matter.
- So you thought I was
white, didn't have rhythm.

I don't know, I don't dance well,
but I do, like, beat box, music stuff.
- You want me to beat box, right now?
(starts beat boxing)
I don't know is that good?
I am biracial, my mom's
white and my dad's black.

- Whoa.
See, that's why I don't
like judging people, bro.

It makes me feel like I get introspective,
and like damn, why would I say that?
- Sup?
- What's good with you?
- You were dead on with other.
I do check other on the box, but uh-
- You do?
- Yeah, my mom is black
and my dad's white.

- Oh, the same.
You just got a little bit more chocolate.
- Yeah, you're right,
you said I'm not white,

I'm not, I mean, I'm Moroccan.
- Have you ever been to Morocco?
- Yeah.
- You were born there?

- No, I was born in Saudi Arabia.
- See, you were traveling
before you were even born.

- He got me right, I'm
Native American, and Mexican.

- Whoa!
That's crazy.
- Okay, so I identify as a white,
but my mom's Native American.
- Hm, I can see that sneaky--
- So yeah, I'm Native American and white.
But do I look white?
- Now that you say it, yes, and no.
Because you said you're Native,
and I know Native people I
guess, they're different.

- You were right, I am a person of color.
I'm Latino, half Mexican,
and half Nicaraguan.

- Hold on, you said you dance, too?
- Yeah.
- What style?
- Ballet.
- Ballet, uh, is that why?
- Oh, no that's just--
- No?

That's just your stance.
You're just hyper-extended.
- Yeah.
- That's filthy, this guy
has hyper-extended legs.

He's like (makes mechanical noises),
you can like jump high and stuff.
I guess you half.
- Yeah, yeah, no, you're right, mostly.
So I'm part white, yeah, my mom's white,
but my dad's from Hawaii,
so I'm Native Hawaiian,

and Pacific Islander Asian.
- Oh.
- Yeah, a whole bunch of stuff.
- Sneaky.
- [Man] Yeah?
- Sneaky.
- Well I'm not foolin' anybody
today, I'll tell you that.

- Are you mixed?
- I'm Puerto Rican and
I'm Trinidadian, so--

- Whoa!
- You got me wrong.
So I'm Italian/Sicilian,
and Lothian and Ukrainian,
but you called me a Persian Prince,
so I appreciate it.
- What do you all think that I am?
- [Group] Black.
- Black, I told you.
You guy make me super anxious.
Thank you.
That was a nice handshake,
(muffled speaking).

- [Producer] Oh boy.
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Guess Who's White (Bryant) | Lineup | Cut

160 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 26, 2018
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