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Even though most homes have a few key trouble spots,
it's safe to say every room could benefit from some extra organization.
Lucky for you, these IKEA hacks offer just that:
Affordable and genius solutions to everyday home issues.
This is 28 Organizing Ideas With IKEA.
1. To hold tiny things like bobby pins and hair ties in the bathroom,
use a magnetic spice canister.
To add more storage, try to install rope and Fintorp cutler caddies as wall storage.
2. Do you see how neat these organizer boxes are for the dresser?
IKEA Skubb boxes compartmentalize all the miniature clothes
that would otherwise get lost in the grand canyon that is the dresser drawer.
Alternatively, you could also use the IKEA Komplement
to Compartmentalize your underwear and socks drawer.
3. Why buy a separate piece to store your child's homework supplies
when you can make the best of your Ikea Raskog?
Use the wheel cart to organize it so that your child can store pencils, notebooks, crayons,
brushes, paints and all the other supplies in an efficient, organized and beautiful manner.
You could also use Raskog to store the cleaning supplies that you can wheel from room to room.
Anything that makes cleaning easier and faster is always a huge plus.
4. Keep your shoes organize underneath your dresser using Ribba Picture Frame as a slide out shoe tray
or you could also use Ekby drawer shelf for some slide-out under-bed storage.
5. Since you can't play driver and entertainer at the same time,
the Flort travel caddy will make your life immensely easier.
It works just as well as a car organizer for kids.
Stuff it with art supplies, tissues, toys, books, paper, etc.
And the best part it doubles as a seat protector for those messy little buggers.
6. For a cheap and elegant way,
use Sockerärt vase as an elegant way to store your kitchen utensils.
7. Keep your shoes from piling up in a disorganized pile up in your bedroom or your entryway
by using floating IKEA shelves across the bottom of your closet.
8. Tower holder into tank tops holder.
Instead of taking up your valuable dresser space,
use IKEA lilholmen tower holder to hang your tank tops.
9. Use an IKEA magazine rack to add purpose to your office desk.
Not only does this hack get papers off of your desk,
but it ensures you assign next steps to each paper to boot.
10. A simple and colorful way to hold books you want to display in your kids room
is by using IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack.
Or if you have lots of nail polish in your collection
use them to neatly hold two rows of your nail polish perfectly.
Paint it, attached it and you're done!
11. Instead of stuffing IKEA's plastic bag holder full of, you know, plastic bags,
why not hang cleaners from the nifty holes?
Use this hack on the back of a closet door to make better use of already available space.
12. Corral Your Makeup Brushes.
You can add style and organization to your vanity with IKEA's SKURAR plant pots.
The delicate lace-like details are super feminine,
which is ideal for a feminine makeup station.
13. Face it: sweater take up a lot of space,
but if you transform IKEA cabinets into underbed storage,
you could possibly pack away winter items in the summer and vice versa.
Follow the step by step guide at Oh Yes Blog.
14. If you're a flavor fanatic like blogger Luci,
you know the struggle of never having enough space in your cabinets for your complete collection.
But when you use picture ledges from IKEA
you can transform your wall into the ultimate spice rack and provide ample area for all of your spices.
You could also use this savvy picture ledge hack
to give every necklace you own their own home.
Even better, This will make it way easier to hunt through your jewelry
when you're in a rush in the morning.
And while you're at it use Riktig curtain hooks from IKEA to keep your jewelry neat.
15. The Trones shoe storage boxes are sold in groups of three
and you can combine them together, like tiles, to create any configuration that fits your space.
A grouping of Trones boxes is a great way to squeeze a little extra storage space out of a hallway.
A wood shelf above these Trones would give them a more finished look.
Trones also work well in small spaces like bathrooms
to hide toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies.
16. If you have too much food in your kitchen,
you need to enlist the help of rolling drawers
so you can actually find what you need when you're whipping up dinner.
The solution? Ikea's drawers for the Pax wardrobe system.
Use two big ones and then cut them to fit the pantry.
Voila! Nice sliding and solid wood drawers.
17. If there's never enough space under your sink
then use this nifty hack to utilize utensil holders on the back of a cabinet door
that will give sponges and brushes a dedicated home.
Just add some mounting pads on it and attach it to your cabinet wall.
18. Stack Lack bookcases behind a couch to visually divide your space
while also providing tons of storage.
A neat and simple way to organize all of your books.
19. Custom fit a cork board above your desk with IKEA AVSKLID Cork Placement.
It's a simple and stylish hack that will help you track of everything on your to-do list.
Here's how to do it:
First, Place the cork above plywood at the upper corner
and laid them flush, 4 across and 3 down.
Cut the luan out with the jigsaw
and then apply trim around the outside using an all purpose Liquid Nails Adhesive.
Next, start covering the seams in between the placemats.
Find the center and place the horizontal pieces and then secure sections with adhesive.
Measure each side and cut 4 pieces of veneer.
Apply to the sides with an iron, following instructions on the package.
This would be perfect for organizing inspiration for an office or studio,
a command center in a kitchen or entryway to display photos in a family room!
20. If your boots and clogs were always on the floor and taking up too much space,
try to assembly the Vurm winerack sideways.
No more search for pairs and more room to walk.
21. Turn Flyt magazine holders into cute organizers with chalkboard labels.
Add fabric using mod podge to transform them into something much more expensive looking.
22. If you flip one of IKEA's spice racks over,
you can use the bottom to hold accessories like a shelf
and use the top to hold hangers with your little one's most adorable outfits.
23. Why should your daughter's princess outfit get stuffed into a drawer, turning it into a wrinkled mess?
Transform an IKEA BILLY Bookcase into a bright blue wardrobe
with space for clothes and accessories instead.
First off, assembly the bookcase,
place a wooden dowel rod to the width of the bookcase opening
and then secure it with a nail gun.
Paint it and when it's dry take it to your kids room.
24. Add trofast container under Ektrop sofa using H Rails for easy slide out storage container.
Follow the DIY Instruction at IKEA Hackers.
25. To create more space to store your books or magazine in the bedroom,
attach an IKEA Ribba picture ledge to your headboard.
Mount the Ribba upside down and then screwed it onto the headboard.
26. Create a Window Seat With Storage Using IKEA Stolmen Drawers.
This is the most simple hack ever.
Here's how to do it:
Prepare 3 stolmen 2 drawers chest.
Assemble them and then arrange it by the window.
Also prepare an upholstered window seat, attach it to the dresser or just put it on top.
Voilà, the window seat is all ready.
27. To hold crayons, markers, and any other art supplies on your kids' table,
try to hang magasin cutlery caddies.
Attach the utensil holders using two nails into the side of the table
and then slipped the nails through the slats of the utensil holder.
You could easily remove the the utensil holders if you didn't want them there anymore,
which is a really nice option.
28. Display your shoes in an interesting way by arranging Lack shelves in V Shape.
Or use Spontan magazine racks as an ingeniuous way to store your shoes.
That's all for now…
For more IKEA hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our channel.
Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next videos…
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28 Organizing Ideas With IKEA

100 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on November 24, 2018
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