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  • Frogs are not known for their beauty.

  • But forget about the faces.

  • Look at their leaps.

  • They are spectacular jumpers.

  • They leap up and across.

  • They can even jump in tandem.

  • So what's their secret?

  • Well, let's look at a jump and see the component parts.

  • The legs, see them pushing off?

  • That's where the power comes from.

  • And the spine?

  • It's rigid, straight, so the frog

  • doesn't uncurl as it jumps.

  • It unfolds, opening at a hinge joint that

  • is unique to frogs.

  • That hingethe iliosacral joint,

  • to be technicalwas thought to be absolutely

  • necessary to the evolution of frog jumping.

  • But a computer simulation suggests

  • that jumping may have evolved first

  • and the joint later to improve their accuracy

  • and refine their jumps.

  • Understanding how that works could help design

  • a prosthetic arm that has both power and finesse.

  • Of course, there are frogs that

  • take jumping to a whole other level,

  • like the gliding tree frog.

  • It's not flying, but it's certainly falling with style.

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Frogs are not known for their beauty.

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How Frogs Got Their Vertical Leap | ScienceTake

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