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Bob the Canadian here.
So I went to the store today and I bought
some postcards.

I'm not sure if you know what, what postcards
are, but a postcard is something that you

buy when you're on vacation and then on
the back you fill out the address of someone

you know and you send them a postcard.
I bought these postcards today because, in
a previous video I asked you what country

you were from, and I asked people to post
in the comments what country they were from,

and it was a really neat video.
I had a lot of people leave comments from
all different parts of the world.

And then I was also thinking how much I like

I like Canada because of the outdoors, it's
really beautiful here.

I like Canada because the people are friendly,
and I really like Canada because of the seasons.

We have nice warm summers, but we also have
really cold winters.

So I thought I would do this again.
I am really curious, I would really like to
know more about your countries.

So there's two ways that you can tell me
about your country.

The first way is in the comments below.
You can go to the comments and please remind
me again what country you are from, and post

one or two things that you really like about
your country.

Or if you want to do something that's a
little more fun, you could go and you could

buy a postcard and you could send it to me.
So you could go to a store in your country,
and you could find a postcard, I hope they're

relatively cheap, and please only do this
if you can afford to do this.

Don't spend money to send me a postcard
if you need that money for other things.

But if you want, go and buy a postcard, and
my address I'll put my address right here,

and my address will also be in the description

And then send me a postcard and on the back
give me your name, put your English name if

you have an English name, I know some people
around the world choose an English name and

then tell me something that you like about
your country.

Tell me something that's beautiful about
your country, or something that you like.

The front of the postcard can be from one
of the beautiful places in your country.

And then what I'll do is in a few weeks
I'll wait a few weeks and see how many postcards

I get, I hope I get lots, and then I'll
do another video and I'll show you all of

the postcards as well as the beautiful stamps,
whatever stamp you end up putting on.

I'll show you all of the postcards that
I received in a few weeks.

Maybe I'll wait four weeks, maybe six weeks
to give the postcards time to arrive.

So, yeah, tell me about your country, either
do it in the comments below something you

like about your country, or send me a postcard,
I keep holding this one wrong.

Send me a postcard and I'll show you all
of the postcards that I get in the mail over

the next few weeks.
I'll really excited about this.
I'm really excited to get a postcard from
a few of you, and again those of you that

can afford it, so..
Bob the Canadian here.
I know this is a little bit of a different
video for the week, but I still really enjoyed

making it.
Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed
this video.

Subscribe by clicking the subscribe button
below, and for sure share this video.

Let's see, let's see how many postcards
I can get!

Anyways, have a great day.
Have a great week.
And by the way, that is a little bit of snow
on the ground.

I know in the last video people were asking
me where the snow was.

It's still late Fall.
It hasn't snowed a lot yet, but this was
I think this was a snowman or a snowball that

my kids made, and once we get good snow for
making a snowman I'll do a video where my

kids and I make a snowman so that you can
see what a snowman looks like.

But yeah, that's what they look like when
they melt.

It's gotten a little warmer in the last
few days, but I'll definitely do that at

some point in the future.
Bob the Canadian.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
Have a great day.
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Tell me About Your Country by Sending Me a Postcard!

301 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 21, 2018
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