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>> NARRATOR: The following is a paid program.
>> ANTWON: How's it going folks? I'm Chef Antwon and I'm here to show you the EZ SLICE knife set.
These bad boys can cut through literally anything.
Right through the seed.
Hold on.
Here are some happy customers.
Yo, this thing is awesome.
Is that good? It's good?
Now forget the fruit!
Watch as I cut through this ceramic plate.
Plastic Shmastic!
[fart noise
Okay, I get it! This deal isn't for you.
Okay, relax.
I'll throw in these fresh new pair of new white Nike shoes for free.
But you gotta call right now bro.
Yes, you!
In the black shirt.
Yes. Yes, you.
Hold on, hear me out.
Call right now and I will throw in not one, but two bottles of tequila.
>> ANTWON: Yes!
>> RUDY MANCUSO: [BLEEP] yeah. I'm calling right now-
No, no. I shouldn't drink. I shouldn't-
>> ANTWON: Hey!
Hey! Yo! Yo! Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Just give me a chance please.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Calm down dude, it's going to be okay.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: It's gonna-
>> ANTWON: This is all [BLEEP].

>> ANTWON: This is all crap man.
This knife's fake.
This [BLEEP] don't work bro.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: It's gonna be okay man.
>> ANTWON: I got two kids.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Uh, bro. I really gotta go bro.
>> ANTWON: My wife's going through surgery right now.
That's not [BLEEP]. I'm not [BLEEP] you right now.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: [BLEEP] I gotta man. I'm late. I'm sorry.
>> ANTWON: I'm living in my car right now.

>> ANTWON: Just please, just please make the call.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I'm sorry.

>> RUDY MANCUSO: Good luck. I'm sorry. It's going to be okay.
>> ANTWON: Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Where you?
I can do this all day bro. I can do this all day.
Call right now, okay?
You're not going no where bro. No!
Give me your wallet [BLEEP].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Here, here, here.
>> ANTWON: It's me, Chef Antwon! And for only $15 you can buy this knife.
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World's Worst Salesman | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso

587 Folder Collection
罗鸣 published on November 20, 2018
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