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Morning guys my name is Emi and welcome back to my channel, so as promised today
I'll be filming what I eat in a day
And I'll be bringing you guys with me to work to my workout
So today is actually the one-week mark so seven days after I started with my one month project comeback
Which if you don't know what it is you can watch it right here, so long story short
I gained ten pounds over the holiday period so in this one life
I'll be eating healthier
Training harder so I can get back on track on a healthier lifestyle and just to get fit and ready for my 10 days
You're like hot Beach holiday now. Let's go make breakfast
I'd love warm water in the morning. I don't drink any coffee or tea
So this morning, I'm having oatmeal as part of my breakfast, and this is the brand that I use
It is pretty convenient because they come in packs
And then I'll be adding rice milk
Okay guys breakfast is ready
This is oatmeal with banana, chia seeds and a bit of maple syrup on top
This is sweet potato and cherry tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper
been taking photos of every single meal I've been eating this whole week and I'll be sharing it on my Instagram story and
Instagram so if you're new to my channel and you're interested to see what I've been eating for the past 7 days
I'll link the post down in my description box below. I love sweet potato with just salt and pepper
It is so simple and so healthy so
I'm not doing any extreme diets with a lot of restrictions. I don't count any calories
I don't count my macros carbs protein, so I'm just doing healthy intuitive eating
I'm eating healthier and more
responsibly in
moderate amount and not go crazy on junk food like how I used to during my holiday period but I still have one day of
Cheat meals per week which is Saturday so that I can still enjoy all the yummy
And maybe not so healthy food that I love
So like I said before my goal is to live a healthy and sustainable
Lifestyle, and I've learned the hard way that extreme restrictions and counting this kind of that just doesn't work for me
Let me to having bulimia eating disorder two years ago now that I've recovered
I work out to eat to stay fit and healthy, but at the same time
I also allow myself to just enjoy food and live my life. Now I'm going to get my lunch
Packing them to eat at the office later
almost every single day I bring my own lunch except on some Fridays or like just special occasions then I
would go eat out, but it's so much easier to eat healthy when I prep my own meals I
Always always bring a water bottle with me wherever I go. It's so important to stay hydrated
Put my
Because you are
Always a glass of water to stay hydrated
Two hours later alright guys it's lunch time now
I am going to do my lunch workout if you guys watch my Instagram story. You would know that
I love to do my workout during lunch time
For me its like putting you some time and nobody after work if you like super tired when I go home edit videos and watch
Some TV
It's nice to also get out of the office a bit and just have a good sweat, and it just makes me feel so much better.
Okay guys, I'm done with the workout and now a shower and back to work back to the office to eat lunch
Juices my room for the day, it's the same as my dinner last night
This is our dinner for tonight, this is green tea soba
Noodle here are all the toppings cucumber yellow bell pepper carrots dried shrimp seaweed eggs
Chicken dry fish more eggs, and this is fish mole with mushroom and more veggies
The fact that I'm taking photo of my every single meal to share with you guys on Instagram actually really keeps me accountable
To stay healthy and not eat any cheap move during the week
So thank you a lot of you say that my lunch always looks like it's so little food
But don't be fooled by these boxes. They're actually pretty deep and once I put them into a bowl
You'll see that is actually quite a lot of food
Look that's quite a lot isn't it oh? I'm so hungry. I cannot wait to eat
So I thinking oh my god, I will put primetime ask you, but hey Emmy, what do you know?
801 PM so
I just got back from work
and now I'm going to upload my video after week on to YouTube because it's Wednesday and
every Wednesday I upload a new video and today is
15 minutes no jumping full body workout so if you haven't done it with me yet. I'll link it right here published
Now I will
announce it on
Instagram sorry and Instagram, and if you follow me on instagram yet. It's right here
one of the corners all right all post and
Now I'll just go to shower and then I'll show you what we're having for dinner tonight
Look at all the yummy food that my dad made for us for dinner
this is
vegetable with egg white and he uses the egg yolk for scramble egg pan fried fish all this food is shared by our
Family of three all right normally I took a spoon full
So this is my dinner of the night
I used the same plate every single night so even though when you guys ask me
How do I can I my food, I never really count my food but?
Since I use the same plate second my portions are always relatively similar
so carbs
Protein protein fiber protein, that's how we stay healthy
Okay guys, I just finish shower and I'm going to close this video now
I hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day video
So comment down below if you would like to see more of these types of videos
So this is only my seventh day of my one month project come back there
So three more weeks ago so stay tuned and if you want to know what I eat every single day you can also go to
my Instagram where I share what I eat every single meal. Alright guys. I'm gonna go watch some TV and go to sleep
I'll see you next week
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195 Folder Collection
blackstone published on November 19, 2018
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