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The last time I saw you was for the first "Fantastic Beasts" movie.
That was probably two years ago, right?
It was. It was. Yeah.
I taught you to do "The Erumpent" dance.
Yes, you did. I appreciate that.
Which was the most humiliating thing I had ever had to go through, so I made you go through it, yeah.
Things have changed since you've been here.
Congratulations. You have two little babies.
I do. Thank you.
That's so awesome. It's the best.
How old are they?
So, I have a daughter called Iris, who's 2 1/2, and I have a little boy called Luke, who is eight, almost nine months.
Oh, my gosh. Congratulations. It's the greatest.
It's awesome. I mean, is it tough to work?
Well, no. Like, the work is the holiday.
- Work is actually -- The work is vacation.
-Genuinely. -Raising children is tough.
Took a year off from making the first "Fantastic Beasts" and making the second one when Iris came into the world.
And then after that, I was like -- When Luke cries, I'm like, "I've really got to get back to work."
Did you bring anything back from the "Fantastic Beasts" set?
Well, I brought back wands.
'Cause one of the great things about being part of these films is, you know, there's all this merchandise.
And I got all these Newt wands.
And so I brought them back, and I presented them with great, like, joy to Iris.
And she -- It's basically like giving a dagger to a child.
- I guess, if you bring a wand. -She literally just stood trying to skewer her eyes out.
Hannah was like, "What are you doing?"
"Is this not what you give babies?"
-Yeah, of course not. -No, no.
-But you actually brought two to the show tonight, which I'm very psyched about. -Yeah.
-Those are Newt Scamander wands. -Newt Scamander official wands.
-Yeah. -Can I grab -- can I hold one?
Yeah, of course you can, Jimmy. Feel free.
-I don't want to disrespect the -- -No, no, no.
-Got a decent weight to it. -Yeah.
Do you get training for this when you --
-There is -- There may be a wand movement director.
-There may be? -There actually is. Yeah.
I was so incompetent with my wand work that I think they -- yeah, they brought in a specialist.
-Is there a wand specialist? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Is that a real thing? -It's a serious job.
I mean, she's actually an incredibly brilliant trained dancer.
But she also has now found the specialist subject of wand work.
Wow. So if you do a movie with a wand, you have to get this -- this person.
Yeah, if you're as crap as me. Yeah.
Yeah. Can you show me? What are some of the moves?
Yeah, I mean, I can show you.
'Cause there's this particular new move in this film.
So I could -- can I bring you out and show it to you?
Yeah, of course. Sure. Sure, sure.
Like, what I wanted to do--
There's a bit where he's tracking the creatures.
-This is so fun. -Yeah, and so rather than just use the wand like as a wand, I wanted to use it as, like, an ear trumpet.
- That was good. -Thank you.
-The first thing is commitment, okay?
Look like I wanted something to happen.
-So imagine, like, the wand -- you're listening for the wand.
So you're using it as an ear trumpet down on the ground.
-What? -Yeah, can you hear that?
Okay, sorry.
Yeah. And then when you hear it, the next thing -- 'cause Newt uses all of his, like, senses.
So taste -- he can tell something's near, so, like a wine, he tastes the floor.
You know when you taste a wine and you're not convinced it's quite right, you then have to, like, swish it 'round.
Oh, God!
That's not wand work at all.
No, that's commitment, Jimmy.
I don't have to do that, right?
-Come on. -I don't want to--
[Cheers and applause]
Choose your spot.
I don't want to do it where you were.
-Go on. -Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, and your legs have to come up while you do it, as well.
I'll do it with you. Ready?
-Yeah. -Steady. Go.
[Cheers and applause]
You have to swirl the taste around, Jimmy.
I really swirled the taste around.
Absolutely. Thank you for teaching me that.
-You're welcome. -I'll never forget that. Thank you.
Didn't you say that, I think -- maybe this was last time -- that you and Jude Law are, like, the only two British people that were not in any of the "Harry Potter" films or "Lord of the Rings" films?
Or "Game of Thrones."
Or "Game of Thrones," yeah. You weren't in any of those.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -But did you audition ever--
I did audition for "Harry Potter" when I was at university.
They came around, and they were auditioning people for Tom Riddle, like, he who shall not be named.
And I got -- It was, like, the casting director's assistant's assistant's assistant.
And it was -- Do you remember that scene in "La La Land" when, like, Emma Stone is, like, singing and the casting director is on the phone after about three and a half seconds?
That was basically my experience.
-Really? -So, yeah, I didn't even get about three lines out.
Wow. Well, thank goodness.
I know. Well, Jude and I played the long game.
Very smart, yeah.
I mean, we should say to everyone, what is this film about, "Fantastic Beasts"?
So it's -- At the end of the last film, Johnny Depp had been revealed as Grindelwald.
And he had been caught by Newt using some kind of Indiana Jones magical--
Next time, I'll teach you the magical lasso movement.
Yeah. Sorry, good idea. We'll write this all down.
And -- But, of course, 'cause he's the most powerful wizard in the world, he's escaped.
And he escapes at the beginning of the film.
And Dumbledore and he were incredibly intimate when they were kids.
And Dumbledore's basically the only wizard powerful enough to kind of take him down.
But for some reason, he -- in a typically kind of Dumbledorian fashion, he's like, "Oh, I can't do it. I'll send you."
Yeah. So you. I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Eddie Redmayne in "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald."
Take a look at this.
[Speaking foreign language]
Oh. That's your brother?
So I think I may have mentioned in my letters that we have quite a complicated relationship.
-You stop. -Does he want to kill you?
-Frequently. -Enough!
He needs to control his temper.
I think that might have been the best moment of my life.
-I mean, how fun! -So much fun!
How fun! Eddie Redmayne!
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Eddie Redmayne Teaches Jimmy Fantastic Beasts Wand Moves

7691 Folder Collection
April Lu published on December 21, 2018    餓犬 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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