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so since the day i started pranking elliot
alot of you have requested
one particular prank
dying elliots hair pink
recently eliot dyed his hair silver as he loves his hair
i thought i'll put this extreme pink hairdye
into elliots shampoo
giving elliot the pink look
*whispers* sorry bro
(singing from elliot lol)
*screams* ben
whats wrong
Get here now
Dont slap me
what is this
im pink
what is wrong with you
why are you recording me when im in the shower
is this for your porn channel or something
no elliot
whats wrong with you
elliot calm down
Do not tell me to calm down!
alright elliot calm down
you look awful
i look awful... i fell awful
i have more chance of going to a gay bar and pulling
and i wont turn up as elliot and turn up as bon jovie giles!!
el What are you looking at
its marge ben
shes looking at me thinking i'm someone else
it's me marge
just get hair removal
there is none in stock.. then what are you gonna do
in the words of justin bieber ben
my life is a mess
and everyones watch-ing
so lets get to the shit!
i didnt choose life life chose me
what did he say
fully booked
i gave him ten minutes of my time just do dye my hair back silver
and he cant even do that
all right elliot
no its bang out of order
elliot why are we going to nanas
nana was a professional hairddresser for 22 years
so i get advice
im having a bad day as it is
elliot calm down
so give me some bloomin advice
it looks as if youve been in a gay bar
right i will not make you hot chocolate if you carry on
now give me advice
if you dont give me hot chocolate ill shit in your mouth
elliot what you gonna do now
its gonna be a diy job
what do you mean
do it yourself
elliot this is so stupi-- no just do it
id rather be bald than bloomin pink
just do it
whats happend to it
its dead
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Ben Phillips | Hair Transplant PRANK - Elliot's finally come out

67 Folder Collection
Logic published on November 18, 2018
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