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Super Quick English Lesson number three.
Ok, here we go. We're looking at this sound. How do you say that? Ok, here's how I'm going
to do it. Ok, again? Ok, I know it sounds strange, it looks strange but it's really
Ok, now before I start, let's remember that this is British English pronunciation ok?
There are other variations but I'm looking at British English today. Ok, so let's think
about a word that has this sound. This. This. Now, commonly it's mispronounced with a /d/
so /dis/ now in British English this is not correct, Ok? So we want that sound This. Ok,
so how do we make that sound? Alright, we have to look at the mouth, what is the mouth
doing? Well the important thing is the tongue. What is the tongue doing? Ok. Alright, it's
touching my top teeth. And as it's touching that I pull it in and I'm pushing air out.
So as the tongue comes in the air goes out so this. You can feel it on your hand. If
you say it, you can feel air on your hand. Ok, so let's do it one more time. This/ Let's
see have I got a vibration here?Yep, there's a vibration here. So if you put your hand
here, you should feel it kind of vibrating. Ok, let's think of another word. So this,
these. Alright so I've got that feeling again. Those. It's also found in, not just at the
beginning of a word but in the middle of a word. So, Mother. Father. Brother. As it goes
on. Ok, so remember, try and bring your tongue in, push the air out and you feel a vibration
just there. Alright guys, practiise, practise, practise it's the only way to improve.
Ok, let's practise. Say this with me. This. That. These. Those.
Ok and it gets a bit crazy. Alright guys practise, practise, practise. Ok? It's the only way
to improve. Alright, thanks for hanging out with me Eat Sleep Dreamers. See you soon!
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How to Pronounce This, That, These and Those /ð/

1649 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on November 17, 2018
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