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today we will learn
travel English at
English - quickly.com
hi my name is David Claussen and today
we are going
off the beaten
at an island named
Saba, Saba is known as the Unspoiled Queen
meaning that
the island
is still pristine
or like it was
the original how it used to be
it is a very small
island in the Caribbean Sea
near Puerto Rico
here is Venezuela
and the Dominican Republic
it is governed by the country of the Netherlands
and here it is
over here many
kilometres and miles away
it is unspoiled because of the ecosystem
there is
it does not have sandy beaches
but it is a place for scuba diving
to go scuba
it is a very small island that is only five
or 13
excuse me, 13 kilometers
square miles
with just one road
going through it, here are some beautiful pictures
of the island from google images here is a picture of scuba diving
here is a better idea of a scuba diver with these beautiful reefs
the population of Saba is only 1,424 people
and 200 to 300
medical students attend the university
so it's a big
university for medicine on a very small island
it's also popular for its lace, this is lace clothing
or tapestry or textiles right here and this will give you an idea of the type of food
that they have there here are some pictures of
some restaurants here is a picture of one of the four villages
and some fun places to stay hotel accommodations
small little pool view, a beautiful resort into the hillside
and they say all of the hotels have beautiful views
a couple more pictures with this view from mount scenery
or underwater this turtle, this is a turtle or a fish called the barracuda so that's Wikitravels, off the beaten path
Saba, the Unspoiled Queen, for many more free lessons go to English - quickly .com
and sign up for my FREE Newsletter
because I'll tell you when I have more videos
plus I did one on Vienna
if you like travel that you'll want to check out on my channel
I'll put a link
below this video
so you can click over to that video
so thanks so much for your time and happy learning
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Travel English: SABA, a Beautiful Island

197 Folder Collection
Peter Sze published on November 17, 2018
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